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8-клапанные бензиновые моторы Рено Логан приспособлены для работы на бензине низкого качества. Hyogo Auto Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, established in 2008, is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Hyogo Auto Recycle Co. We import Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Buddy vehicle engines and spare parts, and Mazda spare parts.
Jack-up vehicle on driver side and place a jack-stand such as an extra measure of protection.

One of the two is the lower bolt and it is close to the fuel filter, while the second is the upper bolt and it is the first bolt to the left of the lower (it is not very easy to see). Climb under vehicle from driver side, you will need to get close to center to see the starter. Leaving the 14 mm bolts in place, with the socket and extension attached to the upper bolt without the rachet attached allows the person on top to simply start the bolt without much discussion.
The person on the bottom will need to place the starter, align for the bolt, and hold the starter in place while the person on top starts the bolt.

If properly rehearsed, the person on top may attach to the lower bolt and start second bolt. However, it is not necessary that the individual start the second bolt as the first bolt is more than enough to get the second bolt started.

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