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If the engine had all the things mentioned in the posts above other than the dome pistons it could also be a 351 Ho. There is a stamped serial number at the back of the block below where the cylinder head bolts on which reads 22JJ118855227777.
D2AE can be 71, but only a late model month like June or July when the 72's were being phased in. I had plans to put it in one of the cars I had at the time but as life goes it never happened.

First how do I know that I do indeed have a real BOSS motor and secondly if I do how much is a complete motor worth?
The reason for the 4300 D Carb was because the 3310 holley used on the Boss 302 couldn't pass the smog test even with an air pump!
Valve covers should be finned aluminum with fingers inside to deflect oil on to the rockers. Contact Doug at 1-727-252-9149 or Pete at 727-686-7932 for more information on this beautifully maintained vehicle!!

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