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Purchase an AutoCheck Unlimited vehicle history report or AutoCheck Single vehicle history report. Check the right side of the vehicle history report, underneath the AutoCheck Score when you run your report.
For your convenience, we've listed some of the title problems that are covered by Buyback Protection, subject to the AutoCheck Buyback terms and conditions. Anything on your car that was not part of the car when it was manufactured will not be covered.
Experian stands behind the AutoCheck Buyback Protection program, and pledges to honor all current and future Buyback Protection claims subject to the terms and conditions. AutoCheck Buyback Protection is available at no extra cost on registered, qualified vehicles if a certain title brand is found after the vehicle is reported to be free of the brand. For your convenience, we've provided a basic overview of the criteria you must meet in order to submit a claim form.

You must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle as described in the AutoCheck Buyback Protection terms and conditions. You must provide a copy of the front and back of the Branded Title, certified by the issuing state. The Branded Title must have been issued at least 60 days prior to the date the AutoCheck VHR report was run. You must have registered for AutoCheck Buyback Protection within 90 days of the date you purchased the vehicle. Each car and truck built after 1980 has been stamped by the manufacturer with a unique vehicle identification number or VIN. The car has been re-sprayed completely to protect the paint, and I have also had the alternator recently replaced to keep up with the condition of the engine. No mods to the car, except a new BOV which I purchased 5 years ago to give it a better sounding drive.

Minor detailing issues - tiny crack on the bottom of the windscreen, and slight scratch down the left side of windscreen which both can be easily fixed. You will find an alert letting you know whether or not the vehicle is eligible for Buyback Protection. Our Buyback Protection provides a full year of coverage to protect you from major title problems that we miss from the Department of Motor Vehicles. I've kept my own log book of regular services and repairs since the first day to make sure it was regularly services and checks were completed with a timely manner.
Due to this, the engine is in immaculate condition with no issues, which is perfect for anyone wanting to keep the car for long term.

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