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Estimated Monthly Payment will depend on vehicle make and model and will be determined upon actual vehicle inspection. The crankshaft position sensor (CKP) is located behind the crank pulley on the front of the engine. 6-25-113.8 2002 Buick Spark plugs black now likes you start runs for a second then dies as good feel pressure. 1-21-12On a 3800 V6, Series II, VIN K, does the DIS alternate polarity of the coil when firing each set of companion cylinders? 1-26-12Coolant does little for boil-over protection, only increases by 8* with a 15# radiator cap.
3-1-12I as a courtesy, recommend that any person whom has torn the engine down to the point where they can replace the head gasket or intake.

4-7-12Can engine coolant temp sensor display correctly and still provide bad info to the PCM such that when warmed up, the engine idles at 2,500 RPM?
Is there a special way to remove lower intake manifold from series II engine with thick aluminum gaskets. If the small gasket under the PCV cover is bad- which is not a gasket, it is an O ring-  then the seal is JUST bad, and is causing whatever problem your engine is having.
If the system doesn't work you need to check that I can brake switch and vehicle speed sensors. The engine bucks on quick acceleration,hesitates,hard starting,performance bad,jerking,timing seems off.
If u do not do this and a leek begins, removal of the upper intake in the very least will be necessary.

To by pass it DO NOT USE THE REMOTE KEY AT ALL, AND DO NOT USE THE ELECTRIC LOCK BUTTON TO LOCK OR UNLOCK THE DOORS. Because it is gone bad it acts as if someone has stolen the car and shuts it off after a couple seconds of running.

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