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Why is Vin Diesel fond of choosing American muscle cars such as the Dodge, the Chevrolet and the Plymouth to win the races in the climax? Why is Vin Diesel fond of (more than an emotional attachment, as his father’s car) choosing American muscle cars such as the Dodge, the Chevrolet and the Plymouth to win the races in the climax? Because as long as street racing has been a thing, coming from America, there has always been a competition of whether import cars are better to race in or if American cars are better to race in. Was Aston Martin a famous brand of cars before the James Bond movie “Goldfinger”? The Volo Auto Museum in Illinois announced it has a matte gray 1970 Dodge Charger RT for sale, which it seems to be one of the cars driven by Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in the 2009 Fast and Furious movie, the fourth in the series. The sellers failed to give any details on the car, other than it's an automatic V8 and that the appraised value is $200,000.

The muscle car has all the touches a custom vehicle could ask for, such as a sports steering wheel, stripped and customized interior and massive bonnet scoop. The same company announced earlier this year the sale of a 1973 Camaro F-Bomb replica, one of the cars that was used in the same film, driven by Vin Diesel’s character through the underground tunnels. Tweet Vin Diesel’s Charger from 2001?s “The Fast and The Furious” (the first installment) is up for sale. And since serious street racers make moderations to their vehicles to make it go faster, there will never be an answer due to the never-ending list of modifications people can make with all the different products you can purchase to make so many cars unique highlighted in the franchise.
However, if you have $129,998 stashed somewhere, you can spend it on one of the most famous movie cars.
The fifth one, dubbed Fast Five, also features both Diesel and Walker, and is scheduled to debut at worldwide theaters in mid-2011.

The 440, fake blower-equipped 1970 Charger is still wearing battle scars from its collision with a semi at the end of the movie. While the hot babes are off limits, you might want to settle with one of the cars featured in the series.
And I believe this is like an ode to Paul but in Furious 7 Dom driving the Lykan Hypersport through the skyscrapers is actually the first time he drives an import in the whole series ..

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