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Listed every Ctrl key combination so you could tell which keys were available for your own mapping(s). The cursor movement keys h j k l are literally hard-coded throughout the source -- which also effects the netrw :Explore file browser. Available for $25 and, printed on some pretty heavy matte paper, or in high quality digital version for $10. Jeremy on Objective-C Reference Card for Java Programmers: I really want this but it's not here anymore.
Christine on A themer's cheatsheet wallpaper: The white letters directly beneath the color wheel should be 'GB', not 'RG'. I've done some searching and found a wealth of information on binding keys in vim, but I can't find out, for sure, how to map shift-tab.
Im trying to get vim to allow me to circle through the autocomplete popup list with the tab key. Is it possible to somehow make it so that when you are in the url bar of your browser and you press TAB you go to the first inputfield on your page and not your bookmarks or something else?

When I use vim in normal mode, I often press the TAB key accidentally, the key TAB do the same thing as Ctrl-I in default. Dev Express Layout Control Tab Order not going in order of Visual Studio's noted tab order. I have a winform project that is using a devexpress layout control and I am using Visual Studio's tab order feature to set the tab order of the child controls in the layout control.
How do I make Vi-Vim never use tabs (converting spaces to tabs, bad!), makes the tab key == 4 spaces, and automatically indent code after curly brace blocks like emacs does?
How can you get the next item in the tab order without actually changing the currently focused item? In our WPF app, we need to know which control would get the focus next if we were to press the Tab key. I'm trying to convert the eBay File Exchange download into a tab-delimited format my shipping software can read.
VIM supports :sign command that is widely used in debuggers to display graphical breakpoints to the left.

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including the next slide. Is there a fast way to tab backward without pressing backspace however number of time I set my tab space? I would like to re-use the same UIViewController in order to create second item in tab bar. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "vim-overload epileptic seizures".

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