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A blog dedicated to custom commercial signage, vehicle wraps and graphics, and business signs of all kinds! When the economy gets tough and budgets are tight, businesses often make the mistake of cutting their advertising budgets when in fact they should be expanding their advertising! Using vehicle graphics and fleet advertising will create a rolling billboard seen by thousands of people a€“ your potential customers a€“ every day! Car wrap advertising, including vehicle wraps and fleet graphics, is the most cost effective way to get your message across. 30% of consumers will make a buying decision based upon impressions gained from a wrapped vehicle.
We work daily with clients to identify the message and impact they want to have using vehicle graphics and fleet advertising. We provide our services to customers located in Williamson, Davidson, and Maury counties of Tennessee including the cities of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Spring Hill. Vehicle wraps catch the eye of 30,000 - 70,000 people per day at the lowest cost-per-impression rate of any form of advertising media. Fast-Trac Designs is proud to announce that we have been published in the July issue of the popular sign magazine Sign Builder Illustrated.
According to stats from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising. Strategic and creative versatility—vehicle wraps can be used for long-term advertising or short-term product or event promotions—plus, you control the style (full or partial wrap), the design, and when wraps are updated or replaced. Local targeting—driving (and parking) a wrapped vehicle around your local service area can dramatically increase awareness among those who live, work or attend school nearby; parked vehicles attract the attention of pedestrians, especially in a busy urban setting, but also at local sporting or cultural events, colleges, conventions and tradeshows. Wraps help unify a campaign’s look and feel because they incorporate the same branding elements from your other marketing channels. Non-marketing benefits include providing a predictable fixed-advertising cost, and preserving vehicle resale value by protecting paint from weather damage. With a little imagination and the right creative services provider, many local businesses could easily integrate vehicle-wraps into their marketing mix. Unlike Yellow Page and newspaper ads, whose returns have declined, vehicle wraps’ broad reach and low cost-per-impression, can add horsepower to your mix and shift sales growth into high gear. Use the form below to delete this Free Proforma Invoice Template For Excel image from our index.
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Use the form below to delete this Just One Thing Around Herea€¦ita€™s Time To Wrap Up The Advertising image from our index. Mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising.
When uploading files for output, the best file types are vetcor graphics- they are small in file size and print great.
For an accurate quote or more information, give us a call, or complete our Online Quote Request Form. Because there are limited costs but high exposure, you receive a high return on investment. If youa€™re interested in getting more a€?banga€? for your advertising dollar, wrap your company vehicles in eye catching, custom wraps and graphics.
Whether ita€™s parked in front of your business or rolling down the highway, a car wrap, truck wrap, or van wrap will attract the attention of your potential customers more effectively than most other forms of advertising. Your advertising dollars are precious, and wea€™ll make the best use of your budget to design graphics and wrap elements that will create the most effective advertising youa€™ve ever had!

12-Point SignWorks provides your business with custom car advertising and fleet advertising, vehicle wraps and graphics and car wraps that will communicate your brand and your message to customers. Vehicle wraps also have an advantage over traditional advertising media because they are virtually unregulated.
The issue covers a project that we completed in April of this year for a color change wrap on a Mercedes.
Depending on city and population size, a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions. Although they have a high upfront cost compared to other advertising tools, overtime they become the most cost-effective tools.
12-Point SignWorks assists businesses with car wraps and vehicle graphics in the Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin area. Vehicle graphics and wraps can be custom designed to wrap just parts of the vehicle or the entire vehicle. If youa€™re looking for Nashville car wrap">Nashville car wrap experts, call us for a free consultation.
You can present your message directly to your customers where they live and work every day. Our car wraps are printed on an Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 in vibrant eight-color ink at ultra-high 720x720 DPI resolution.
Jeff Wooten of Sign Builder Illustrated wrote up the article and did a great job at emphasizing the detail it takes to complete a color change wrap. You receive an estimated 2,520 impressions per dollar, which is over 5,000 percent better than radio and 7,000 percent better than using billboards for advertising.
Look at the significant cost differerences between various forms of advertising in the chart below! Combined with high performance 3M media and installed by 3M preferred installers, our wraps will look great and last for many years - even in the Arizona sun! We are very excited and thankful to the magazine for giving us this opportunity for the second time (Fast-Trac Designs is also in the December 2012 issue.) Go ahead and check out the links to see Fast-Trac Designs published. These will print equally as good, as long as the files are the right resolution at output size.
You will have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience, meaning that you have the can reach many more potential customers, increasing your sales. According to the tape and vinyl substrate provider 3M, in order to achieve the same advertising impression as a vehicle wrap costing about $3,500, a company would need to spend $130,000.

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