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A recent study by showed that of 6,000 vehicles analysed – 1 in 5 returned an odometer discrepancy. Get an Official Car History Check with Instant Reports available online from Obtaining a Car Check is simple just enter the reg, choose a report, pay and view the report instantly. is the most informative, easy-to-understand and up-to-date car history check available.
In addition to Official car & vehicle data from Irish & UK Government databases, ONLY Motorcheck provides an easy to use report full of helpful advice on how to proceed should you encounter adverse history as well as a number of items that are Exclusive to Motorcheck!
There are many off-road vehicle opportunities in California, but first you must make sure that your vehicle is registered. Helmets, of course, are required, and other safety equipment, such as proper clothing, boots, and sunglasses are recommended.

El Mirage Dry Lake Open Area (5) about 20 minutes northeast of Victorville or 40 minutes east of Lancaster.
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Two issues examined by the producers of RTE’s- The Consumer Show whom we were pleased to assist. All vehicles operated on public lands in California must be registered, either with a street-legal registration or a off-highway vehicle registration.
For example, dirt roads in Death Valley National Park are open only to street-legal vehicles. Occasionally travel on all existing, well-defined roads is allowed, but many times travel is restricted to only signed, marked routes. Open all year round, winter is the best time to visit as temperatures are very high in summer.

Registered off-highway vehicles receive either a red sticker or a green sticker, with red sticker vehicles only allowed to operate October 1 to May 31. Also, in many National Forests, some "maintained" dirt roads require street-legal registration and a license. Huge, highly recommended desert open area with some challenging areas of sand washes and rocky mountains and some areas of nice whoops and hill climbs.

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