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AutoInterface Used Cars: Offers listings of used cars for sale by private sellers and dealerships, auto finder service, and more. Cars Direct: Choose the make you’re interested in as well as other features you’re seeking.
EBay Motors: Over 16,000 used car auctions at eBay by Private Seller from across the United States. Global Car Dealers: Provides listings of used cars available from dealers and for sale by owner.

Sell My Car: Features classified listings of used cars for sale by private owners and dealers as well as a new car buying service. Don’t forget to change the Seller’s Type box to Private Party to get only used cars for sale by owner. You can narrow down this huge selection by make and model, year, distance from you, mileage, etc. Choose your local zip code to see all the listings close to you, or search by the make and model of car, truck or SUV you are looking for.

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