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Common reasons for the CHECK ENGINE light to come on include a loose gas cap, fouled spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, the failure of an engine sensor such as the oxygen sensor, throttle position sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor, or a problem in an emissions control system or device such as the EGR valve or catalytic converter. If a warning light says OIL or you see a little icon of an oil can, DO NOT ignore this warning light.
The oil pressure warning light comes on when oil pressure drops below a minimum threshold (the exact pressure will vary from one vehicle to another).
The underlying cause of a low oil pressure warning light is usually a low oil level in the engine's crankcase. Other causes of an low oil pressure warning light include a worn oil pump or a faulty oil pressure sending unit. For more information about your engine's lubrication system and causes of low oil pressure, Click or Tap Here. A TEMP warning light or an icon of a thermometer is another warning lamp that you should NOT ignore. If you see a coolant leak, you may be able to temporarily stop the leak by adding a can of cooling system sealer to the radiator. For more information about your cooling system and causes of a temperature warning light, Click or Tap Here. The "GEN" or "ALT" warning light, or an icon of a battery usually means trouble (on some vehicles, a battery icon may illuminate if there is a charging system problem). This warning light comes on when the charging system is NOT producing enough current or voltage to meet your vehicle's electrical needs. If the belt appears to be intact and is turning the alternator, start the engine, and turn on the headlights. For more information about the operation of the charging system and charging diagnosis, Click or Tap Here.
If the Brake Warning light remains on all the time, the problem may be a low fluid level in the master brake cylinder reservoir.
NOTE: If the Brake Warning light is also on, it may indicate a serious hydraulic problem with the brake system.

This is a warning that you have a lamp out: a headlight, taillight, stop light or turn signal indicator. Check all the lights on your vehicle when it is safe to do so (not in the middle of the highway at night!), and replace any bulbs that have burned out. A warning light that looks like this or says SRS should NEVER come on unless there is a fault in your vehicle's air bag system (supplemental restraint system or SRS).
Many late model vehicles have an oil change reminder light that comes on when the engine computer estimates the oil needs to be changed. Many service reminder lights have a RESET button that allows you to turn off the light and reset the interval period.
Many vehicles have their own unique warning lights or icons to alert you when something is wrong.
On January 20 the United States Postal Service put out a request for bid to replace by 2018 its aging fleet of Long Life Vehicles with at least the possibility of an alternative-energy drivetrain in consideration.
The present vehicles custom-designed by Grumman Corp., intended to last 24 years, are at the end of this cycle.
The government has specifically requested alternative energy be explored but all this is still up in the air. Now that diesel has been given a clean bill of health of sorts and is used for many other fleets, would it be the fuel-efficient propulsion source of choice?
Between electrified versus diesel technologies, analyst Alan Baum observes diesel would make more sense for rural routes, and hybrid would make more sense on suburban and urban routes. Also quite possible would be a cheaper alternative like a four-cylinder gasoline engine incorporating fuel and emission-saving technologies including variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation, perhaps stop-start, and more. More certain is the new vehicles are requested with right-hand drive, and to be larger to handle bigger parcels such as those delivered to online shoppers.
In contention, according to a report by Automotive News could be modified existing vehicles like the Ford Transit or by Fiat Chrysler which sells the re-badged Dodge Sprinter line. The Sprinter is a Mercedes-engineered vehicle but it’s being said the three-pointed star on the front of an essentially the same Mercedes-badged ProMaster would probably bring down criticism of government waste.

As it is, the postal service has been overdue, and the issue of deteriorating underperforming trucks needs to be dealt with.
A report by the postal service’s inspector general says in 2013 the trucks needed $3,188 in upkeep, and 9 percent needed more than $6,000 to keep them in service. Problems have included leaky windshields, small crevices into which loose mail falls and gets lost, a sliding door that needs frequent repairs, and even the aluminum body has been rusting in salt-belt states. On the positive side, the configuration lets drivers step right out of the vehicle onto the curb.
Ford has not directly said it will go for it, but implications are it will as will others interested in what may be the largest fleet purchase in U.S.
This week in Washington, the USPS will be meeting potential bidders and by summer it aims to select the builder of its new fleet. In 2016 pre-production vehicles would be tested prior to actually awarding the contract in 2017 for vehicles intended to be on the road by 2018.
Or could a hybrid or even plug-in hybrid be adopted to let the postal service curtail its annual usage of much as 154 million gallons of gasoline per year? A new truck would not be quite as simple as going to the suppliers of vehicles for FedEx, UPS, or DHL because those are not right-hand drive. It’s larger than the Jeep DJ that was used from the 1950s to 80s, and now they want a larger vehicle. Nissan has said it is not interested in the bid although its NV200 built in Mexico could be adopted to fill the bill.

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