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For those with the Oshkosh Truck chassis the following information from my Oshkosh Truck manual might be enlightening. The Chassis Vehicle Identification Number is stamped in the left hand frame rail just behind the left front wheel. The final manufacturer, who adds any additional equipment to the vehicle, provides the GAWR and GVWR certification plate.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) comprises a series of letters and numbers representing, in code, the World Make Identifier, Marque, Model, Class, Body, Engine, Transmission, Steering, Model Change, Assembly Plant and Serial Number applicable to each individual vehicle (effective from November 1998).
When a new vehicle is supplied the key number can be found stamped onto a tag attached to the key ring.

Previously, many pre-programmed ECU’s were required to cover a variety of models and territories resulting in parts ordering and stocking problems. Two new ‘non-programmed’ ECU’s have been introduced allowing many model versions and territories to be programmed from the same ECU. If the ECU has not been successfully programmed a 'Not Market Programmed' warning will sound when the vehicle ignition is turned on. A few seconds of the usual engine immobilised 'two-tone' chime, followed by a few seconds of silence and then a repeat of the chime etc. For vehicles prior to the introduction of the Lucas 5AS Security ECU, part numbers remain unchanged. If the key number is not available then non-specific keys and locks must be ordered, in this case complete vehicle sets will be required to enable one key to fit all the vehicle locks.

The VIN number can be found on the VIN plate, stamped into the top of right hand front suspension mounting (inside the engine compartment) and on a plate visible through the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen.
Dampers can be identified by a colour code - painted on the damper body, they are not handed.

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