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Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. When it comes to the BMW M2, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoding has almost proved as successful at feeding us new information via the official channels. The M fanatics over at Bimmerpost have managed to retrieve the info (VIN decoders are public) for at least 333 units of the M2, based on the guessed VINs.
Since BMW is one of the few carmakers that still make go-fast machines with three pedals, we'll start with the transmission battle. About one-third (32.33%) of US drivers have gone for the stick, the percentage drops to 20% in Europe.
Perhaps more or less due to the Autobahn inspiration, European M2 orders lead the pack here, with 33 percent of these Bimmers being allowed to fly higher than your diesel. Sure, an important part of these vehicles are press cars, while many dealers will want to hold on to their demo cars for a while.
While BMW only offers four hues for the M2 (Long Beach Blue metallic, Alpine White, Black Sapphire and Mineral Grey), factoring in all the data above can lead to hilarious results.
Oh, and if you happen to have a neighbor who got to the M2 first and is bragging about His New M2, you can tell him the car isn't all that new anymore - according to the VIN play, the first (pre-production) vehicles were built in late November 2014.
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Iscriviti alla newsletter per ricevere tutti gli aggiornamenti sul mondo delle due ruote direttamente sulla tua casella di posta. Behind the passengers seat in the footwell is a small plastic access cover (as streetglower said) but just to elaborate, the cover is a press fit and simply pulls out by hand. In order to be able to post messages on the Mercedes-Benz Forum forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.
The latest episode of this alphanumerical wizardry shows us precisely how different US and European tastes are.
These guys also took the time to list right-hand-drive cars, so we can also talk about the British manner of ordering an M2. As for those who will drive the M2 in the rain on a daily basis, only 5% of the them wanted a clutch in their life. This is the kind of tech development that requires one to be more of a driver, since its main asset is that it messes with the electronic top speed limiter. But this still means that those in the market for an M2 and running low on patience should forget about choosing a color.
For instance, this initial batch of cars means that America will only be blessed with one white M2 with a manual.

So I am searching for the 3rd Fuse Box "under the right back seat, and there is nothing. Come il codice fiscale per le persone, contiene utili informazioni sulla storia della nostra auto, moto o scooter. Il numero di telaio o VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), A? un codice alfanumerico di 17 cifre che si trova punzonato in modo visibile e su struttura portante del veicolo. Generalmente nelle auto A? situato all'interno del vano motore o, come nei modelli piA? recenti, alla base del parabrezza per essere piA? facilmente accessibile e visibile. Infine con le cifre che vanno dalla dodicesima alla diciassettesima posizione, viene identificato il particolare esemplare di autovettura, moto o scooter. Prestando quindi attenzione alla composizione del VIN riusciamo ad ottenere tutte le informazioni 'anagrafiche' di un veicolo. Probabilmente potranno sembrare indicazioni superflue, ma a volte potrebbero rivelarsi molto utili.
Per esempio in caso di acquisto di un veicolo usato potrebbe essere di grande aiuto sapere se magari A? stato fabbricato in un paese diverso da quello che il venditore ci dice, o ancora peggio se i numeri identificativi del modello non coincidono e denotano un tentativo di truffa.

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