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It’s not unusual at this time of the year in Canada for all eyes to be pointing squarely at the out of town scoreboard.
After all, it’s hard not to watch Connor McDavid excel for the Oilers and want the same for your team of choice. Of course, in Vancouver, the Hockey Gods have never been on the friendliest of terms with the Canucks. Hell, Vancouver’s first interaction in the NHL with the Hockey Gods ended up with a roulette wheel setting the tone for the Canucks future. With that in mind, here are the worst-case scenarios for Auston Matthews-mania, should he end up on a Canadian team. George Stroumboulopoulos will have 18 intermission segments (to be shown during Canucks games) about skinny tie shopping with Auston Matthews. Headlines are dominated in October when word leaks out the Auston doesn’t know what poutine is.
Despite Ottawa getting the number one pick, Sportsnet runs a two-hour special on what that means for the Toronto Maple Leafs followed up by a two-hour special on the Blue Jays season last year. Eugene Melnyk starts a seven-day telethon and offers up Auston Matthews to any team that can bring forth evidence that proves Matt Cooke did indeed intentionally cut Erik Karlsson back in 2013. Brian Burke’s appearances on TV are doubled, meaning the increase in discussion on the status of his loosened ties, triples in volume. Media enters a blackout period as they are caught off guard by something good actually happening to Winnipeg. Gary Bettman demands all games in Winnipeg start with a song devoted to him called “Am I not merciful? Dustin Byfuglien immediately greets Matthews by lighting fire to his track suits, including the one he is wearing.
Despite the obvious mistake, the Canucks start Austin Mathers on the wing with the Sedins to start the season. Take solace in the fact you will no longer be getting updates on what kind of socks Matthews and McDavid bought together at the West Edmonton Mall.
With many of world’s wealthiest car buyers only a short private jet flight away, the annual Geneva Motor Show has always been a place for supercar-makers to show off their latest wares.
Using a naturally aspirated V12 engine and lightened bodywork, it sports an amazing weight to power ratio of 1.97 kilograms per horsepower.

The same Mercedes-AMG 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine, good for more than 740 horsepower in the standard Huayra, is employed here with a 10-horsepower boost, as is a rear-wheel-drive setup using a seven-speed automated manual transmission.
When will Canada get it? As soon as you can come up with the cash to place an order, the wait begins.
When will Canada get it? Order a Regera now and maybe Koenigsegg will have it under your tree for next Christmas. We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information. The Jeep Cherokee can be regarded as the originator of the modern day Sport utility vehicle genre.
Of course, normally Canadian cities are doing playoff math, but with all seven Canadian teams on the outside looking in, scoreboard watching has turned into Auston Matthews watching. That isn’t to say Matthews is McDavid, but sometimes you want to go into the Casino with a bunch of money and the odds on your side, you know?
They’re like an uncle that occasionally visits and brings gifts for all the other kids, then remembers he forgot to get you one so he tosses you a packet of peanuts he had in his pocket as a consolation.
As with many discussions of the Habs, it eventually turns into a season-long talking point about PK Subban and his ranking in the NHL hierarchy. Even worse, once the concept is explained to him not only does he not understand it, he doesn’t even like the idea of it.
This ends in disaster when the ice is flooded with hot gravy after Matthews scores his first NHL goal and Karlsson is put on the IR with third degree gravy burns. Also due to his excitement over the pick, Burke’s hair grows even spikier, leading to his ultimate final form, the Truculent Hedgehog who spends his days picking fights with people in barns and collecting gold rings. The Gary Bettman tribute song about saving hockey in Winnipeg (put the bacon on the side)” for allowing Matthews to go to the Jets. Vancouver, unwilling to admit its mistake, claims this was part of their plan all along, and that they feel getting a player in that 37-year-age range is preferred, as he is ready to play now, versus waiting several years for a draft pick to mature.
When an incredulous fan demands to know what intangibles a 37-year-old retired university hockey player can bring to the team, Trevor Linden merely winks and starts handing out memberships to Club 16. This year’s Swiss show was no different, with world premieres of the latest, greatest supercars boasting outrageous power numbers wrapped up in sexy bodywork. With its Dieselgate crisis still going on and costing parent company Volkswagen AG billions of dollars, we weren’t sure if the Bugatti Chiron was even going to see the light of day. As a vehicle that significantly moves the supercar yardsticks, the Centenario is a bit irrelevant.
The new Pagani Huayra’s BC badge is in honour of Benny Caiola, Pagani’s first customer.

Described as being “the most technologically advanced Huayra yet,” the BC adds features and equipment that will be used on future Paganis. If your friends aren’t impressed with your regular Pagani Huayra, the BC should do the trick. First seen as a concept last year in Geneva, Koenigsegg returns with the production version of its Regera – the Swedish automaker’s first hybrid. As the long-awaited replacement for the Aston Martin DB9, the new DB11 delivers a lot of “new” – as in a new engine, body platform, design philosophy and more space-effect packaging. If you missed out on James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre, the new DB11 is a must-buy. Cherokee was initially among the first vehicles to make use of the monocoque model as opposed to the conventional body-on-frame chassis. Occasionally Simmons will yell at children out of his window about his dislike of Corsi, and throw rocks at them. Each segment ends with the entire panel offering up thoughts on the best Rogers cell phone plan for Auston and Stamkos. Questions immediately begin about if Matthews career is on a downward trend after the Pens fail to win a third Cup in a row. You can find him on Twitter where he is most likely making fun of Eddie Lack's goalie mask.
Despite similar looks, Pagani says the BC’s bodywork is all-new, highlighted by active aerodynamics. As promised in the concept, the Regera shows up with over 1,500 horsepower and 1,475 lb.-ft.
The popularity of the Cherokee model is often recognized because it continues to be among the best selling Jeep vehicles ever and the 2015 Jeep Chrokee Sport will probably be no different.
Heavily based on the existing Aventador, the Centenario celebrates the centenary of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth.
The Cherokee design was considered by auto experts to be near perfect.Cherokee was initially produced by the AMC (American Motor Company) within the Jeep family brand right up until 2002. Thought to be the toughest Jeeps ever, Cherokee possesses a track record of its own within the Jeep tribe.

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