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Eh bien je pense que mon experience recente dans le secteur de la distribution automobile confirme tres nettement l’analyse des Echos. C’est pourtant bien cette impression que me laisse pour l’instant ma quete pour changer de vehicule. Pour commencer, rappelons que je suis un fidele client monospace de Peugeot avec un contrat Credipar, la societe maison qui propose le financement. Il demarre assez mal en nous disant qu’il est nouveau et nous demande de bien vouloir le pardonner s’il ne peut pas repondre a toutes nos questions. Et puis je suis alle sur une des Nationales les plus commercantes de France ou les voitures s’achetent, elles ne se vendent pas.
Allez, revons un peu et dans quelques annees acheter une voiture ne sera plus une epreuve et les vendeurs de voiture auront remise definitivement leur celebre technique de vente RACC (Rien a Cirer du client), qui a ce jour est apparemment toujours largement repandue et malheureusement si prejudiciable a l’image des vendeurs en general. Du coup, quand on en rencontre un qui est professionnel, on ne le lache pas et on achete chez lui. Tout a fait , je m’arme de courage et il est certain que comme vous je vais m’accrocher pour en trouver un bon ! Bonjour ; si vous voulez mon avis (je blague) vous devez pas avoir le physique pour les concessionnaires HAUT DE GAMME : conclusion (peut-etre) achetez francais !!! Merci pour cette belle expertise, je devrai certainement en faire une sur mes anciens boss, des gens sans aucun scrupule.
Apres lecture de cet article, J’ai une nouvelle qui devrait plaire au plus grand nombre. Imagine a Mercedes A-Class hatch with a little extra practicality and a more adventurous outlook and you'll have this car in mind, the brand's GLA compact Crossover.
According to Mercedes, this GLA SUV model is 'ready to take you where no one has ever gone before'. You'll be familiar with these Qashqai-class cars by now: ruggedized family hatchbacks on steroids that don't have the off piste capability of a RAV4-style compact SUV because most buyers don't want it. It's very late to the party in this particular segment: BMW's X1 has been plying its trade here since 2009, with the similarly-targeted Audi Q3 on sale since 2011.
A car that essentially is a family hatchback is likely to have the dynamic aptitude of a family hatchback. Should you wish for more performance than that - or want a GLA fitted with the brand's 4MATIC all-wheel drive set-up - you'll probably find yourself ending up in the variant I tried, the GLA 220d diesel. Rather more than pleasantly rapid is the frankly certifiable GLA 45 AMG, a car that rocks up with 355bhp beneath its bonnet. Though Mercedes sees this GLA as part of its SUV portfolio, there's nothing very SUV about the way it looks. In profile, as with the A-Class, there's an awful lot going on, with two prominent lines sweeping backwards from the front wing, one rising from just above the door sill and another falling from just above the wheelarch.
Drop inside and depending on the suspension chosen, you can find yourself sitting up to 80mm higher than you would in a comparable A-Class model, which means a more commanding view out-front from a driving position easily perfected by wide adjustment possibilities for seat and steering wheel aided by plentiful head and shoulder room.
The cabin architecture of all Mercedes' smaller models is pretty much identical these days, which fortunately is no bad thing in terms of what you end up with here. Out back, you get 481-litres of luggage space, a big jump up from the 341-litre total offered by the A-Class and around 60-litres more than you'd get in an Audi Q3 or a BMW X1.
If, having considered all of that, you conclude that it is a GLA model you really want, then you're going to need to know what's included in the asking price. As a result, it's hard to argue with the numbers generated by this GLA, figures that aren't very different from those of its Mercedes A-Class design stablemate, despite this car's extra 40kg of weight.
The Cash Price is the ‘On the road price’ that the Dealership offers the vehicle at the point of sale. With thousands of models available we can offer you a competitive cash price quotation against any of our vehicles. Our deals and offers change on a daily basis so please contact us for most up to date cash price. PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) a simple cost effective way to buy your new or nearly new car. You choose the car, the deposit, how long you want the contract to run for and the mileage you intend to do. One of the main benefits with Hire Purchase is the ability to buy a high value vehicle on monthly payments. Hire Purchase allows you to tailor your finance package as deposit, length of time and monthly payments are all flexible. Personal contract hire is very similar to normal contract hire, but is exclusively for private individuals. With a personal contract hire agreement you take control of a car for a contractual period – usually referred to as the ‘lease period’.
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A noter egalement que la concession dans laquelle j’ai achete mes vehicules precedents est a proximite de mon bureau.
Me voila donc parti, au petit matin, avec mon epouse et une de mes filles pour aller faire le tour des concessions.
Un batiment luxueux, un parking sous terrain, une promesse enorme et allechante, on va vivre une nouvelle experience sensorielle. Il nous avoue aussi qu’il n’osait pas nous aborder parce que normalement il ne travaille pas le samedi et il ne voulait pas que les autres lui reprochent de leur piquer des clients. Cela part d’un bon sentiment,  les gars sont partageurs et ils en  laissent  aux autres concessions moins chanceuses sur leurs zones de chalandise. Maintenant quand on rentre dans une concession, le vendeur prend presque systematiquement vos coordonnees. Car ces derniers sont souvent associe a des bonimenteurs grace au comportement de ce type de personnage. Je retrouve presque mot pour mot ce qui m’est arrive chez les memes experts du RACC ! J’ai beaucoup souris en me revoyant 7 ans en arriere, quand je cherchais une voiture.
Les vendeurs seront evalues et vous pourrez leurs recommandez vos relations, et pour ce service rendu vous serez remunere.
It’s a diagram used in engineering to indicate the flow processes and equipment right from the start to the end. These diagrams are used not only in the production process but also in service industries including big civil and mechanical construction projects. It's the brand's answer to more premium offerings in this growing fashion-conscious segment and has been engineered with the kind of thoroughness you'd expect from the Three-Pointed Star. It's certainly taking its brand into a market segment it's never seen before, that of the compact Crossover.
This GLA, in contrast, didn't make it to market until early 2014, but compensated for its tardiness with claims of practicality and efficiency good enough to put these established rivals in the shade. A model that, in contrast, is designed as a proper RAV4 or CR-V-style compact SUV is never going to feel as sharp, no matter how compromised its Rubicon Trail pretensions might be. For the UK, the emphasis is firmly on a 2.1-litre diesel line-up that begins with the 2WD-only 136bhp GLA 200d. With 177 braked horses to call upon, this version has a useful extra turn of speed, dispatching the 62mph benchmark in 7.7 en route to 135mph, despite having the carry around the extra weight of 4WD hardwear that can send up to 50% of the engine's power to the rear wheels for improved cornering exit traction.
It's probably better to simply see this as an A-Class with an added dose of attitude, a role much closer to its comfort zone thanks to a raked-back windscreen and a front end that sports big air intakes, neat flutes in the bonnet and smart smeared-back headlights.
Along with the rising beltline, they culminate just above muscular rear wheelarches, emphasising a feeling of width at the rear end heightened by the curved rear window and the sweeping chrome handle between the divided taillights.
So, as with any A or CLA-Class model, you get the same deeply-cowled twin-dial instrument binnacle viewed through a lovely, grippy nappa leather-trimmed three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. Dedicated followers of the brand though, can consider paying up to £45,000 for the 45 AMG flagship version. There's also an ECO setting for the 7G-DCT 7-speed automatic gearbox, a slippery 0.29 Cd drag factor, plus intelligent management of engine ancillaries like the alternator, the oil feed and the water pump and low rolling resistance tyres. This is derived from any Manufacturer or Dealer savings from the Recommended Retail Price listed by the Manufacturer. You pay an initial deposit, then pay off the balance in monthly payments over an agreed period of time, when the payments are complete the car is yours. You will make fixed monthly payments for the duration of the contract – when the contract expires you will simply return the car and take out a new personal contract hire lease. In partnership with a panel of over 20 lenders we can offer car loans at extremely competitive prices. Golden Trees , as one of the high-tech enterprises is specialized in LED lighting R&D, production,technical support,and services.In line with the standard of international certification, Golden Trees keeps upgrade its product ,strive to excellence. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. Alors on rentre, on fait le tour du modele, on monte dedans, ma fille se glisse sur la banquette, on discute.
It’s very useful to quickly understand the general production process and to design the factory layout. Everyone else in search of a Focus-sized car bearing a premium badge and an expeditionary mindset is being targeted by this GLA, the fourth of five models to be spun off the platform the Stuttgart brand uses for all its compact cars.
So if you like your driving, you'll give thanks that this GLA isn't setting out to rival RAVs - or indeed Audi Q5s, BMW X3s or Range Rover Evoques come to that. You'll need this variant if you want the choice of auto or manual transmission since it's an auto-only regime further up the range. The 211bhp GLA 250 petrol variant also takes the auto 4MATIC route and should feel pleasantly rapid, delivering 62mph in 7.1s on the way to 143mph.

Smart GLA-specific touches include the way the stylists have teased out these wheel arches, adding muscularity to the look.
There are the same five chrome-trimmed SLS supercar-style air vents decorating a dash split into upper and lower sections. The base GLA 200 CDI diesel variant is only offered in 2WD form and comes with the choice of manual or automatic transmission.
Even in least expensive SE trim, you get 18-inch alloy wheels, aluminium roof rails, privacy glass, a chrome-trimmed twin-pipe exhaust, rain-sensing wipers and a reversing camera. At the end of the contract you have a choice to either buy the car outright for an agreed lump sum (the GFV or final balloon payment), or hand the vehicle back to the lender. We are not a broker, as a motor retailer we simply want to ensure you have the correct support when purchasing your vehicle. The specification of each vehicle listed on the Farnell Land Rover website is provided by "CAP". Our product have received high praise from both domestic and foreign customers and have been widely used in home lighting, engineering lighting and commercial lighting.
On n’est pas tres exuberant dans la famille mais j’ai l’impression qu’on etait quand meme relativement visible. Une petite argumentation vite fait sur la voiture, zero question de decouverte (usage, km, reprise, job, famille, etc).
Avec ma femme nous sommes vraiment intimides… En plus il y a une armee de vendeurs en quasi-uniformes. The upper part's dominated by the iPad-style 5.8-inch free-standing infotainment screen that's been stuck in the middle of it, controlled by a little rotary dial positioned where the handbrake would normally be if it hadn't been replaced by one of those fiddly electronic ones with a switch hidden away beneath the fascia.
Inside, there's man-made Artico leather for the seats and the real nappa stuff trimming the multi-function steering wheel, plus air conditioning, a trip computer and a DAB radio with Bluetooth, USB and Apple iPod connections.
Whatever your credit profile we can help you find a vehicle with the correct finance product based on your individual circumstances. Please note that the Images of each vehicle are range shots, these can include images which do not reflect the precise details of the vehicle you are looking at and are purely used for illustrative purposes. Ensuite,  zero question decouverte mais une argumentation sur les soupapes et les pistons qui m’a fait un grand effet. Le client rentre, les vendeurs rodent pour se faire une idee et  s’ils n’en veulent pas c’est le petit nouveau qui s’y colle !
However, it’s worth to mention that these diagrams are used in almost all types of engineering including the civil engineering. However, nowadays computerized process flow charts are used most commonly all around the world. For diesel folk, there's a premium of just over £2,700 to go from a GLA 200d auto to a comparably specified pokier GLA 220d auto variant - like the one we tried. The inclusion of such data does not imply any endorsement of any of its content nor any representation as to its accuracy. Il se trouve que je n’y comprends rien et cela ne m’interesse pas vraiment mais je suis flatte qu’il me prenne au serieux.
Or, to put it another way, to offer pretty much all the handling brio you'd get from the A-Class hatch it's designed upon, with pretty much none of the downsides, these being mainly centred on an over-firmed ride here replaced by something much more supple. That sounds reasonable given that the extra cash gets you 4WD and quite a lot of extra performance. Et puis le voila qui file sans nous dire ou il va au moment ou je veux lui demander une cotation. Pendant ce temps ma femme ecoute poliment sans regarder le vendeur puisque c’est ce que doivent faire les femmes dans ces moments-la, quand les hommes parlent de choses serieuses… Bon on ressort avec la promesse d’etre appele en grand privilege des que le modele sera expose. Bon je me moque mais c’est quand meme lui qui a ete le meilleur de la matinee : une petite decouverte, un envoi de mail l’apres midi meme avec des infos complementaires, un rappel 3 jours apres pour me proposer un essai.
Running costs do also rise quite significantly with this pricier model though, so make sure you've taken that into account.
On va le chercher sur le parking, il est avec un autre client (surement plus interessant que nous d’ailleurs ils ont l’air tres potes).
Puis nous reprenons nos esprits : en fait il y a beaucoup plus de vendeurs que de clients, non  ?  Cela finit par se voir sur nos visages,  au bout de 10 minutes, un vendeur sympa accroche notre regard alors on se rue vers lui. N’ayant pas d’idee precise sur mon prochain vehicule, je decide donc d’aller faire le tour des concessions..
Cela fait trois semaines que j’attends un coup de fil febrile, je ne m’eloigne pas de mon telephone. Le probleme (car c’en est un visiblement) c’est que la nouvelle version sort en avril et il n’a pas encore les tarifs. Cela doit etre tres complique a realiser comme simulation  puisque trois semaines apres notre passage toujours rien dans ma boite email.

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