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This is the original artwork for the main box image on Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters ECTO-1A vehicle.
It’s hard to see in the pictures, but there are several pieces of art that were painted on a different sheet of paper, and attached over the bottom car layer.
The orange ghost in the ghost claw is another good example of a separate painted image attached to the main car art underneath.
The back of the artwork shows the light gray protective cover sheet attached, and folded over to protect the front. This entry was posted in Internal Items, Prototypes and tagged Ecto-1A, original art, Prototype, The Real Ghostbusters. Here's an impressively big LEGO version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man attacking the Ghostbusters in a LEGO New York City. McHenry Mansion is a charming Victorian home that’s been well maintained and comes with an interesting history. Mercer Caverns, world famous for the rare Aragonite flos ferri, celebrated its one hundredth year of discovery and operation on September 1, 1985.
There are antiquated sequoia trees developing in the Mariposa forest around the southern park enchant, some of them are a few thousand years of age.
Valley Visitor Center: Located at shuttle stops #5 and #9, the center offers natural history displays, a friendly staff to answer all of your questions like maps, weather conditions, a gift shop, and a 23 minute video about this whole park. Yosemite Museum: Next door to the Valley Visitor Center, the Indian Cultural Exhibit displays the history of the Miwok and Paiute people from 1850 to present and Museum Store features traditional American Indian Crafts. Wilderness Center: Known as the one stop shop for backpackers, the center offers wilderness permits, maps, guidebooks, and bear resistant canister rentals for overnight trips. LeConte Memorial Lodge: Located at shuttle stop #12, this is Yosemite’s first public visitor center. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Groveland then our Yosemite Westgate Lodge is perfect – We offer the ideal place to stay. Illilouette Falls is famous for being among the most gorgeous falls you’ll see in Yosemite. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Groveland then our Yosemite Westgate Lodge is perfect – We offer the ideal place to stay. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1984, Yosemite is internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, giant sequoia groves, and biological diversity. If you are in way to Yosemite a must see attraction waits you with natural beauty and stunning views. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1984, Yosemite National Park is a designation reserved for the world’s most unique and treasured places. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Groveland then our Yosemite Westgate Lodge is perfect – We offer the ideal place to stay if you are traveling from the Northern California.
Come and stay at our Yosemite Westgate Lodge in Groveland and make your trip more special while enjoying comfortable stay with us.
Pontiac Firebird has faced some interior changes and was again selected to pace Daytona 500 races in 1983. The 1985 Pontiac Firebird got significant facelift, redesigned interior and various improvements. This one is the 2010 Lingenfelter TA concept based on 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS and powered by […]Pontiac Banshee: T-Top and convertible are coming Remember the 2011 Pontiac Banshee model made by Hermance Design and Restore a Muscle Car? Washing the car, watering the lawn , and washing off the deck all use large amounts of water. The McHenry Mansion is an elegant mansion in Modesto and very much a part of local history.
It is free to visit but you have to be accompanied by a Docent who will give you a guided tour.

Costumed docents do more than lead tours of this carefully preserved Mother Lode town the state’s second largest city at the peak of the Gold Rush they actually live and work here in a variety of period-appropriate shops and trades. Mercer Caverns is located near the historic gold mining town of Murphys in the heart of the California Gold Country.
Toward the east there is a well known Tuolumne Meadows Lodge, a precipitous territory with massive rock bluffs ascending from the green fields and straightforward lakes. It is one of those holiday destinations where to go on holidays, you will not have to wait for right time.
People buried here include American Indians and others who played a big role in the development of this historic Park. It features a children’s corner, a library, and also offers an abundance of environmental education and evening programs. At 370 feet, these falls are not as big or as well-known as the other falls here, but the heavy flow renders them spectacular, particularly during the spring and early summer. As, traveled the Wawona and Glacier Point Roads, this verdant alpine meadow suddenly appeared.  An alpine meadow covers also an area at Lower Cathedral Lake.
This time Pontiac took full advantage of this occasion and delivered 2500 replicas with full package of aerodynamic ground effects through dealerships.
Probably Banshee […]2004 Pontiac GTO Roadster This Pontiac was custom designed, built and owned by George Barris.
At the deepest part of the tour visitors will see a large delicate formation of fine crystals known as aragonite flos ferri for which Mercer Caverns is world famous. Behind the Tuolumne Meadows there is a Tioga Pass Road, the most noteworthy point that can be found in the recreation center and there is a lofty street from the pass street that goes downwards through the Inyo National Forest and up toward the eastern slants of Sierra Nevada. Whether you’re looking for the adventure vacation of a lifetime, want to immerse yourself in the stillness of nature or simply hike, backpack or ski in one of the most beautiful places on earth, you’ll find your place in Yosemite. Located on the left tributary of the Merced River, in a small side canyon directly across from Vernal Falls, and is visible from the trail to Vernal and Nevada Falls. Illilouette Falls drops an impressive 379 feet and the top stands 5,800 feet above sea level and  tumbles over granite rocks nearby as it slides down toward the valley floor. The park is globally acknowledged for its granite cliffs, clear streams, Giant Sequoia groves, and the different types of wildlife found there. Two new transmissions were released that year too – 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual.
1987 saw the release of GTA – the luxurious Trans Am version which was available in a variety of colors and options. 2004 Pontiac GTO 2 door coupe was turned […]1964 Pontiac Banshee Concept 60-70's were definitely the best muscle car design decades. I love what I do, and I enjoy sharing everything I can with you when it comes to movies and geekery. With the efforts of the City and the citizens, this mansion was restored and is now open to general public. Visitors to Mercer Caverns will gain a memorable experience touring a subterranean world of wonders in the Calaveras County Motherlode. The literature says you descend the equivalent of 16 stories and back up again but the way it’s done with frequent stops and talks it was easy. Tuolumne Meadows is a section of the Tuolumne River dotted with meadows and lush, vast fields of grasses and wildflowers.
One of the most popular point of attraction is Mariposa Grove, which are amazing trees are over 4,000 years old. You can fish in over 800 miles of rivers and streams, stay in a campground, or hike.  It preserves nearly 900,000 acres for recreation, forestry, grazing and other natural uses. And with more than 100 trails spread over 2,400 acres, mountain adventures await at every bump, jump and chairlift.  The starting point for Yosemite hiking is at the Tuolumne Meadows, a large, open sub-alpine meadow circled by awe-inspiring mountains. It became 227 kg lighter, got a windshield that was 3 degrees steeper than anything else in GM [60 degree] and had good metal structure to support glass-dominating hatchback.

LB9 did not feature manual T5 transmission, so automatic one was offered only with 5.0 liter LG4 and L69 engines.
Unlike the valley’s more famous waterfalls, this one can only be seen by hiking two miles down the Panorama Trail from Glacier Point, a beautiful, often uncrowded walk through bear country. The crowds have dwindled and the sweeping valley has been accented with a zing of seasonal color. It is the largest grove of Giant Sequoias in the park, with several hundred mature examples of the tree. Observing the wildflowers explode with their beauty around every turn was welcoming as we entered the Yosemite Valley.
LG4 was the most common one and had Computer Comand Control electronically assisted carburetor system – 145 HP. The new GTA notchback was released too – it had flat rear window [similar to Fiero one. Best time to visit is in the spring and early summer, when Illilouette Creek is full of water and you’ll find lots of wildflowers blooming along the trail. Take Highway 140 into the park, winding at a lower which is less hair-raising elevation along the gushing Merced River. Enjoyable and challenging whitewater rafting runs are available in spring and summer.  The smaller lakes such as Lake Alpine and Pine crest are more suitable for sailboats and canoes.
1989 marked to special model – Indy 500 pace car and 20th anniversary Turbo Trans Am [TTA] which was based on GTA. The easiest way to Illilouette Falls is to park at Glacier Point and hike the 4 mile round trip trail to the falls via the Panorama Trail.
Keep craning your necks to look up for sprinklings of golden yellow poppies and purple spider lipines on the mountainside. Great views of the mountains, lots of wildlife, several trails, well-maintained and frequently patrolled. Standing below Bridalveil Falls we enjoyed the refreshing spray as the water plunged downward. For a much longer journey from the Valley, you can hike to Clark Point via the John Muir Trail towards Nevada Falls, then back the Panorama Trail to Illilouette Falls.
You can drive to it from anywhere in Yosemite, but the South Entrance is definitely the easiest since it’s only a minute or two away once you get inside the park.
Picnicking and limited camping available, advise contacting for reservations ahead of time. The Anniversary model was a spectacular White and Blue Trans Am and was limited to 1500 units. Take the Cook’s Meadow Loop, the Wawona Meadow Loop and the trails by Wapama Falls to find your own patch, then run, jump, and lie down in your own bed flowers. This heritage resources hold clues to past ecosystems, add richness and depth to our landscapes, provide links to living traditions, and help transform a beautiful walk in the woods into an unforgettable encounter with history. The serenity and beauty of the valley was enhanced by the on and off again light drizzle of rain.
The trails for these are mostly level, some parts are even paved, with gradual to steep inclines toward the end. Enjoy the beauty  of the winding route 120, because this route will take you through forests and give you a beautiful panoramic view of sparkling lakes, alpine meadows and spectacular granite domes.
If walking or hiking is not an option, there are also tram tours that go around almost all the trees.

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