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Form 2848 is a form used to allow an individual to act as another person’s agent with the IRS.
The form grants a very limited power of attorney; it comes in two parts, with the taxpayer filling the first part and the agent filling the second part.
There are just two processing centers accepting the form in the US, and only one for forms from international sources.
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To obtain whd publications, simply download the html or pdf; or order copies by following the instructions below.
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Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The agent has to be someone who is legally allowed to practice before the IRS, such as an accountant, an attorney, a family member, or an employee. The representative has to indicate their qualifications for acting as the other person’s agent, as the powers granted by the form include the signing of waivers and extensions. Those who live in the East send forms to Tennessee, and people living in the West send theirs to Utah.

To revoke a person’s agency, a copy of the original form should be sent again to the original processing center.
By allowing a person to act as an agent, an individual grants them access to tax information that is to remain confidential. International filers should send forms to the IRS’ international office, located in Philadelphia. It has to be either signed by the taxpayer or the agent if they are relinquishing their role.
The written statement should include all the tax matters in question, the period for which they are being revoked, and the names and addresses of both agent and taxpayer.

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