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Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. However (and sticking with the numbers game ahead of any initial first hand impressions of the car’s road manners) the PCP finance option sort of reduces the price tag to an even more pleasant shock at just €239 per month for the most fuel efficient option. Residual values have suffered in the past for the Leon which, it could be argued, lost out to rivals on the weight of it’s badge. Estate cars have consistently captured the hearts of over 5,000 buyers every year for the last 5 years and with an increasing number of buyers keen to future proof their motoring needs whilst simultaneously downsizing and looking for an economical solution, the Leon ST makes a convincing argument in this regard.
Aidan Timmons is the presenter for Driving Seat on TV3 and the motor trade’s most prominent figure on residual values. This entry was posted in Car Reviews, Motor News and tagged 2013, car prices, car reviews, car values, Irish cars, new car, new car review, new cars Ireland, SEAT, seat leon, used cars on December 9, 2013 by Aidan Timmons. With the sound of the school bell beginning to chim, Aidan Timmons, the co-Editor at Motor Trade Publishers has been doing some homework on lesser explored cars to suit all family types and budgets. Choosing the right car for your circumstances is a lot more difficult than it immediately appears. Unless you clock up more than 20,000 kilometres annually then petrol cars should not only be on the table but should be given the most elbow room. If you prefer something from the segment above the super-mini class then you can do no wrong buying a model from one of the major players’ selection.
In the interest of keeping things simple – the same suggestions apply here as they do the category above. This is a tough one but thankfully this country loves it’s saloon cars so it is here that I will concentrate. If more seats is the central requirement then you are now considering 7 seaters but that’s not as straightforward an option as you might think. Though by no means an easy task, finding a car suitable to your needs with this amount at your disposal is infinitely easier than if you had less. Crucially, any decision on the prospective school run car must take into consideration every factor from initial budget, motor tax, space for luggage, fuel efficiency, type of usage and age.
This entry was posted in featured, Motor News and tagged 2013, car prices, car reviews, car values, used cars on September 3, 2013 by Aidan Timmons. Figures released by Motor Trade Publishers, producers of The Car Sales Guide which is used across the motoring, finance and insurance sectors, highlight the strength of used car values in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the same period last year. Used cars have become the mainstay for motor dealers and a shortage of quality stock means that some models values have bucked the depreciative trend and have actually risen in value since the New Year.
The cost to change for a customer is €5000 (the difference between new and the amount being offered for their own car).
A customer is offered €15,500 for their 2011 car to ensure the cost to change remains the same. Therefore when the 2011 car is sold as a used car to another customer it is more expensive than had VRT not increased ie: €15,000 vs €15,500. In the micro car segment which features cars such as the Ford Ka, Kia Picanto and Toyota Aygo, two year old values (2011 cars) fell by an average of just €60 since the beginning of the year compared to €190 this time last year for 2010 registered cars. This segment is one of the most interesting as the performance of the vehicles within it is somewhat erratic. Unlike the previous categories of cars, family saloons have, on average, fallen or stablized since January. Two year old compact executives seem to be quite highly sought after in comparison to previous years. Despite cars in this segment being less affordable than the compact executive models, the rate of depreciation since the beginning of this year is very similar to the cheaper alternatives. The research carried out by Motor Trade Publishers for breaks from the negative reports of the underperforming new car market and highlights the intensely popular used car arena. This entry was posted in Motor News and tagged car market, car values, motor trade publishers, new cars, residual values, used cars, value my car on April 9, 2013 by Aidan Timmons. The fourth and final practice day of the 91st Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is complete. Mitsubishi will gladly sell you a 2014 Outlander ES for $22,995, excluding an $835 destination fee.
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Cars User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Jeep's Super 'Ute Is Fun Thrown In The Face Of Conventional WisdomLet's talk asses for a moment. The Center for Auto Safety is officially petitioning the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to begin scrutinizing alleged problems with the totally integrated power module (TIPM) on about 24 Chrysler Group SUVs and minivans. With its influx of popular new products made in the US, Ford Motor Company has announced that it intends to hire 2,200 new salaried workers domestically this year.
Here's the thing about China: The folks buying cars there have a very different set of standards than shoppers in many other markets around the globe. Ford is rumored to be considering concurrent production for old and new F-150 models in a bid to minimize supply chain disruptions and inventory. Don't let a dealers location prevent you from buying the car of your dreams.Most dealers are prepared to ship anywhere in the country. Contact the dealer about automotive financing that might be available or contact your bank to find out about their vehicle financing options.
All data is provided for informational purposes only, is subject to change without notice, and should be verified with the seller before purchase.
Description: A McAllen, Texas Honda car dealer offering new cars, used cars, used trucks, car sales, auto repair, auto parts, car and truck accessories. With SEAT Ireland making pretty impressive headway in the market this year, Aidan was keen to find out if the new estate version of the Leon is likely to be a hit in Ireland.
Buyers who opt for the most fuel efficient option, namely the 1.6 TDi 105 with start stop technology, can expect an invoice for €24,405.
At its most basic level, a guarantee of a minimum future valuation is a safeguard that there is a point beyond which a car’s value will not drop.
It will be at least another 12 months before SEAT incorporate a mini-SUV into their range so in terms of practicality, the Leon ST is where the Spanish brand have centered their focus. Truth be told, I wasn’t even remotely impressed with Barcelona when I first visited the city. He is the co-editor with Motor Trade Publishers and acts as a consultant to key figures in the motor trade. Contingencies need to be factored in and with used cars becoming increasingly scarce; getting a bargain is not as easy as it has been in previous years. Firstly, they were more plentiful before everyone jumped on the diesel bandwagon in 2008 but petrol cars also represent some of the best value for money in the market today.
Ford’s Focus, the Toyota Auris or Corolla, Volkswagen’s Golf, Opel’s Astra are all fine choices. The most useful tip I can offer in this category is to go for a saloon shape but in a 5 door hatchback variant.
Luckily the motor trade in Ireland has been completely revolutionized in it’s acceptance of estates. My advice here is to purchase something well below your budget and use the rest to cover motor tax and servicing. Just because a car attracts an annual motor tax rate of over €600 does not necessarily mean that it is a more expensive car to run than an alternative whose tax is half that amount. But before one starts to condemn the motor dealer for chancing their arms at charging more money for similar cars as the months roll on, a few caveats should be highlighted. It fails to explain why cars have lost such little money during the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

As well as that, the average four and five year old values in this category have remained largely unchanged from the beginning of the year.
Customers are very well catered for in this area with recognisable models such as the Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa, Toyota Yaris and the increasingly popular Kia Rio and Hyundai i20 to name a few. Still, we can clearly see that this year, 3 year old cars (2010) have lost very little of their initial January value compared to last year.
Values since January for 2011 registered vehicles like the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C Class have fallen by almost half the equivalent 2010 registered cars fell by last year (€220 in 2013 versus €420 in 2012).
In some vehicle segments, the rate of depreciation is significantly reduced on last years pace but there are some instances where nominal values have actually increased since the beginning of this year. Click here to find out how.What Do I Get?Instant access to the latest information available on a vehicle. Buyers can step up to the middle-tier Outlander SE for $23,795, or around $200 less than last year.
What do they have to do with the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, you ask?Well, we're here to tell you that this SRT can haul some.
The advocacy group claims that the part's failure can cause affected vehicles to stall or not start at all. After showing the Jeep Wrangler Dragon Design Concept at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, and apparently receiving "tremendously positive feedback" from Jeep enthusiasts across the globe, the automaker has decided to introduce a production version that will hit US showrooms this fall with a price of $36,095."The dragon symbolizes strength and power and is an aspirational character normally associated with royalty and good fortune," says Jeep, and that apparently equates to a blacked-out Wrangler Unlimited with bronze satin gloss highlights inside and out, along with big dragon decals that start on the hood and run down the fenders. While we all drool over hot metal with bold designs, and while we appreciate automakers going an extra step to inject even their cheapest offerings with aggressive and interesting cues, that sort of sheetmetal sex appeal doesn't always sell in the People's Republic. Fly in and drive your new car home, you might save enough money on the price to pay for your vacation.
All listed prices do not include any applicable state, federal or local tax, registration, title, destination, dealer documentary fees, emissions testing fees, insurance or finance fees. Pricing of new models is key in helping the retention of as much of its value as possible and typically if a car company can keep it’s models from rising too sharply in price they can also protect against large valuation drops. These levels are set low enough to afford the financier a buffer in the case of things going wrong. The delightful blend of mountainous roads and hectic rush hour Catalan traffic meant that, save the weather, the conditions were almost identical to a drive from Dublin city to the Wicklow countryside. Still, there are some great alternatives to the ubiquitous 7 seater MPVs out there and this article will focus on some of the lesser considered options. However, don’t limit yourself to these options alone and take a peek at what Hyundai and Kia have to offer too. This inherently has added benefits of purchasing a car with lower mileage and with lesser owners in presumably better condition. Most saloons have a 5 door version either called a lift-back (in the case of Toyota’s Avensis) or hatchback (Mazda 6). When I was a young lad, estates were those weird hearse-type cars that only the sales representatives and undertakers drove. This essentially means that as well as the conventional 5 seat setup found in most cars there is an additional options of carrying 2 extra, and admittedly small, passengers. Such are the strength of Ford S-Max values that at this price you should only expect to go as far as a 2007 1.8 TDCi model. Those with one or two children considering a large 7 seater SUV or MPV might be better advised to opt for a smaller and newer regular hatchback or saloon model.
The reason for this is so that we compare a car of similar ages rather than registration plate.
Owners who have bought a car in this class (commonly referred to as “credit union cars” in reference to the finance used to purchase them) since the start of the year will be pleased to learn that they have suffered very little if any depreciation so far this year. Furthermore, Superminis have grown in size from their diminutive beginnings and so they now represent a viable second car for a family at more affordable prices than the traditional five door hatch back.
Four year old cars this year (2009) have increased in value since January primarily because they are at a competitive price point and generally attract a lower rate of motor tax.
One of the reasons for this is that because the initial starting price of these vehicles is inherently higher than the standard hatchback segment. There is a shortage of quality used cars in this segment so some dealers have had to quench the demand by importing vehicles from the UK.
Values, in this category, last year fell from January to April by as much as €700 which is twice as much as the drops being endured this year.
Customers seeking to purchase a used vehicle this year are advised to be cognizant that motor dealers are actively seeking vehicles to be traded in. Another popular measure is the smiles-per-dollar index - how entertaining is a car versus its price. That stack of cash will net you 18-inch aluminum wheels, a 6.1-inch LCD information display, dual-zone climate control and other goodies. The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle's history. Lots of them, as a matter of fact: Jeep has increased the towing capacity of its most powerful SUV to 7,200 pounds. NHTSA is still looking into the accusations and deciding whether a full investigation is actually warranted.The CAS petition claims at least 70 TIPM failures, but according to NHTSA, six of the complaints are for models that don't have the modules.
There are 18-inch matte black wheels with a bronze outer edges, and a dragon-emblazoned spare tire cover completes the look.We suggest you peruse the high-res image gallery above to see all the black and bronze detailing yourself, and make special note of the interior.
According to recently appointed president of the Americas Joe Hinrichs, the new jobs will be focused on areas such as engineering, manufacturing and computer software. Case in point is Jaguar, which may be designing a more traditional-looking version of its XJ for the Chinese market, or more to the point of this story, Ford currently sells the less-exciting, last-generation Focus compact in China right alongside the new one.So consider this new Shanghai-bound C-segment concept a preview of what's to come for that more traditional, budget-minded, less-sexy market. As AN states, Ford produces the F-150 in both Kansas City, Missouri and Dearborn, Michigan, which allows it to maintain some degree of flexibility in production. The hatchback model Leon was one of my favourite cars this year and with a penchant for estates I’ve come over a little smitten even with the very notion of a more practical Leon at this price point. Throughout Motor Trade Publishers’ assessment of the residual values of vehicles, we found that in 2009 the average prices of vehicles fell by two years worth of depreciation in a 12 month period. Furthermore, many families’ budget restrictions render the task of finding the right car even more tedious. Doubtless there are those of you out there that remember embarking on the school run in a Fiat 126 or original Toyota Starlet and they didn’t do you any harm, did they?
In this class of vehicle, diesel usually reigns supreme so opting for petrol will ensure you get a lot of car for your money. Now, it seems as though manufacturers haven’t got a complete range unless they have an estate in their fleet. Cars in the bracket will almost certainly be in the pre-2008 motor tax class and vehicles of this nature typically have bigger engines than 1600cc. This had the effect of rendering fresh used cars (one and two year old cars ie: 2011 and 2010) slightly more valuable. The most noteworthy statistic from this category is the average rise in value of the more popular models since January.
Six year old cars this year (2007 vs 2006 in 2012) show a drop and this is again explained by motor tax which is typically higher for these vehicles as they are liable for rates outlined by the old system which places emphasis on engine size instead of CO2. Therefore, family saloons take a little longer to reach a more broadly attractive price point.
Usually, this has the effect of hindering used residuals but such is the scarcity of stock that values remain strong. The older executive cars are also highly performing with 2008 and 2007 values falling on average by just €160 and €100 respectively. Any previous perception of this route being the most costly might not be totally accurate this time around.

Cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Scion FR-S and Mini Cooper S, for example, score quite highly, while vehicles like the BMW M5 or Audi RS7 are great to drive, but score lower because of their much higher price tags.
Assuming the average donkey weighs about 400 pounds, the Grand Cherokee SRT can haul ass to the tune of 18 burros, give or take a covered trailer or so, which is significantly more than it could in previous years. In 34 of the reported cases, the vehicles refused to start, and in 17 of them the engine stalled.
In related news, all 2014 Jeep Wrangler models get an optional Trail Kit and clear park lamps to replace the previous amber units.
More proof of this pudding: Ford's even calling this concept the Escort - a nod to the Blue Oval's compact car days of yore, and a name that stirs up thoughts of basic, affordable transportation rather than great driving dynamics or bold design. The new F-150 is expected to arrive at the 2014 North American International Auto Show as a 2015 model, with a design inspired by the Atlas Concept first shown at the Detroit Auto Show last January.
You would have to spend quite a considerable sum of money more to find a compelling reason not to buy one. For this reason, I will concentrate on vehicles in two bands; those under €8,000 and those between €8,000 and €12,000. If motor tax isn’t a major concern (and to be perfectly honest, it shouldn’t be the determining factor when buying a car) then take a close look at Mazda’s 6. Marketing departments the nation over have even gone to the extent of inventing more advertising-friendly names for these cars too with sports wagon, shooting break, cross wagon, tourer and sports tourer all being thrown into the mix. Depreciation at this stage will begin to stagnate and as long as you keep the car in decent condition the market will always be receptive to an affordable and well maintained MPV leaving you with enough equity to take to the upgrade for a sports car when the mid-life crisis kicks in.
Save some money on the initial outlay and ensure the car is prepared to a high standard, shod with new tyres and is maintained properly. With fewer new cars being sold there is inherently a shortage of supply of used cars being traded in to dealers.
Shrewd buyers who aren’t afraid of paying a notional amount extra tax can pick themselves up a real bargain here. Still, with falls of less than €150 since the beginning of this year compared to €350 this time last year, there are few buyers who have any cause for complaint. If you have bought a car so far this year, your exposure to depreciation has most likely been helped by the continuing scarcity of stock. For a long time, the king of the smiles-per-dollar index was arguably the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, which blended hair-raising thrills for the price of a well-equipped Ford Fusion Titanium.Now, it looks like the Evo will need to hand over its title, as this generation of the rally-derived rocket is likely to be Mitsubishi's last - at least for a while. In 2013, the machine could manage 5,000 pounds, while the first generation was rated at just 3,500. New colors include Amp'd, Anvil, Copperhead, Flame Red, Granite Crystal and Hydro Blue (Freedom edition only), which join carryover colors Billet Silver, Bright White, Black and Dune. It’s every bit as beautiful artistically with bulges and details in many of the right places but it’s practical and priced properly too.
Both tend to come in slightly cheaper than the range topping Ford Fiesta or Toyota Yaris and don’t require sacrifices in terms of space or refinement. If you are inflexible about owning a diesel then you should expect having to fork out the same amount for an older model of the aforementioned collection.
If increasing boot space is the goal then an estate version of a popular hatchback model such as the Renault Grand Megane and Kia Cee’d SW provides the extra room required. This means that stock is scarce and the economic principles of supply and demand come to the fore. Although the argument can be made that cars thus far in 2013 are generally more expensive on a like for like basis in comparison to this time last year, the high performance of these vehicles in the used car market means that the extra cost is protected and not immediately lost once the car leaves the forecourt.
There's been no mention of just when production of the current car will end, so if you're in the market, we'd suggest trying to find a dealer with inventory ASAP. Dallenbach has topped three of the four practice-day sessions, sliding into the second spot behind Donner only on Practice Day 2. The increase is mostly attributable to a new eight-speed automatic transmission and beefier rear axle, and it's a welcome update for those who'd like to use their SUV as, well, an SUV with an emphasis on utility.
However, none of these affected airbag deployment or resulted in a crash.This petition isn't the first TIPM-related problem for Chrysler Group.
And this new Escort concept previews a possibility of providing exactly that for this rapidly expanding automotive market.What you're looking at, then, is one of the most simple Ford designs we've seen of late, though it still incorporates all of the automaker's latest DNA. And thankfully I don’t have to travel that far again to drive it as it hits showroom floors here in Ireland early next year. The older shape Mazda 6 is a steal at the moment and a car that causes little if any trouble. An obscure but very relevant option is to purchase a passenger version of a popular mid size van.
Used cars are becoming increasingly popular even among those who can afford new cars but do not want the social stigmatism that can sometimes go with it during times of economic woe.
The news comes from the automaker's Japanese mothership, which says the brand will instead focus on utility vehicles and EVs.
Check out the full pricing press release below and our own Jonathon Ramsey's first drive here.
A recent report in the New York Times alleged that it found 240 complaints potentially related to the issue on NHTSA's website alone. The signature hexagonal grille is front and center, flanked by attractive LED headlamps and chrome-rimmed foglamp housings.
Petrol engines in the 6 were stronger than diesels and by purchasing a car that is relatively unpalatable to most owners you will not only snap up a great car but you should land yourself one hell of a deal.
Options in this bracket include the Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro which come in an 8 or 9 seater options for the more pro-creative of you out there. While there are no direct plans for a successor, an Evo XI as it were, the door remains open for a different kind of beast, according to Mitsubishi."Mitsubishi Motors does not have any plans to design a successor with the current concept, as a high-performance four-wheel drive gasoline-powered sedan," said Namie Koketsu, a spokesperson for Mitsubishi, according to Automotive News.
In September, the automaker also recalled 230,760 examples worldwide (188,723 in the US) of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango replace the fuel pump relay circuit inside of the TIPM-7 with one external to the unit. The entire car's design focuses on clean, smooth surfaces, with one strong character line flowing from front to back just below the beltline.
Leave it sit flat if you want to avoid any back strains from leaning over a boot lip to get at heavy goods.
We will say that the car looks decidedly more premium from the rear view, where narrow, horizontal taillamps with an LED accent give the car added visual width. They are plentiful and while they require a little more maintenance, the Peugeot 1.6 engine is tried and tested and makes appearances in some more premium brands. It’s a 5+2 seater but if you’re an adventurous family then the added four wheel drive system might just sway it in your favour.
Even earlier, the company also recalled about 80,000 examples of the Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Nitro in 2007 to have the module reprogrammed.
Bland as it may be, it's a handsome little concept, though fear what would likely happen if all of the conceptual details get dumbed down for a production model. But why not step outside the box a little and take a look at Toyota’s Corolla Verso from 2007.
It comes with 7 seats and the 1.6 petrol engine is frugal and affordable to tax and most models sold in Ireland came in Luna spec, the highest level of standard specification in a Toyota.

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