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It should require taking the V5 and proof of ID for the named person on the V5 at the address matching that on the V5. You just need to find someone prepared to make them up & take the chance of prosecution, as you need to take that same chance. At Ceney Services we use old, wide, flat digits in a font that is authentic to the time period.

The standard number plate looks better on a pressed metal plate, but like you, i didn't like the personalised plate on a pressed plate, and i went with a completely bog standard plate (plain colour, no border, background, emblem, etc), which l think suits it much more. By show plates i mean they have no makers stamp and custom badges like the ones shown above in my previous post.
Other sellers tend to use the narrow, modern domed digits that are not really suitable if you are looking for that authentic, classic look for you pre ’72 vehicle.

Once again i am not advising you to do this just my experience and i no i can be collard by the police for it.

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