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We would replace all the suspension, maybe even the entire chassis, and lay it on the ground hard. So I have listed what I know about this 60 Ford utility truck so please if you are interested please contact me between the Hours 7am-7pm to make an appointment to look it over. Submit ContentWe are always looking for good bang shifty stories, projects, photos & videos. 1999 DODGE RAM 2500 4X4 "SARAH LYNN" QUAD CAB LONG BED LARAMIE SLT CUMMINS 24 VALVE TURBO DIESEL 5 SPEED EXHAUST BRAKE, CLEAN WESTERN TRUCK, RUNS LIKE A LITTLE KITTEN! With a simple LS or small block swap, overdrive, and enough comforts inside to make it fun to ride around in. My time is very valuable so please DO NOT waist it asking me questions about the truck that I have already mentioned in this listing.

You know, giant cooler, couches, stereo, mood lights, blender, microwave, and a roof air unit probably.
We'll give you credit for the submission (of course) and what is cooler than showing all your gang that you have a story on Bang Shift? A 2002 DODGE RAM 3500 4X4 QUAD CAB 8 FT BED CUMMINS 24 VALVE TURBO DIESEL TRUCK WITH A 6 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION. But I always assumed they were big money, because the only ones I saw were at a swap meet for Eleventy Million Dollars, or was already done and available for big money.
I was going to remove the body and place it on a late model chassis but I have other projects to finish. THE BOTTOM OF THIS TRUCK IS VERY CLEAN, THERE IS SOME BODY RUST DUE TO THE OWNER NEVER WASHING IT AND HE WAS ON A FARM.

SHE IS A DELIGHTFUL LITTLE 1999 DODGE RAM 2500 4X4 QUAD CAB LONG BED CUMMINS 24 VALVE TURBO DIESEL TRUCK FROM UTAH, OH MY! And there are several more available around here for the same amount, or less in some cases, that could be killer to build.

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