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We are fortunate to have lovely affiliation partners like Fast Cover travel insurance – they write for us and give us lots of up to date information about travelling in Bali and travelling in general. While Bali looks tiny on a world map, the island is full of activities to keep you busy – there’s almost too many to list! And whatever you choose to do in Bali, you’ll have the beautiful, tropical landscape as your backdrop. If you’re struggling to choose how you’ll spend a holiday in Bali, here are some of the best the island has to offer!
Waterbom is perhaps one of the best water parks in Asia, with 17 exciting waterslides to spend a day on. This beautiful, green nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud is the stomping grounds of hundreds of macaques. Bali’s cooking classes are becoming increasingly popular as more people fall for the delicious cuisine!
Bali draws millions of tourists each year with the promise of beautiful beaches and the opportunity to enjoy the water.
Snorkelling: While you can snorkel almost everywhere, the Blue Lagoon is a very popular choice. Walk on the bottom of the seas: On a Seawalker Experience in Nusa Dua you wear an astronaut-like helmet to walk in the ocean and see colourful fish.
Gunung Agung has two popular trekking routes, though be warned, you should be reasonably fit if you want to enjoy the trek!

If you’re travelling to Bali from overseas, ensure that you have cover with your travel insurance provider for the different activities you might choose to do. And when inspiration takes over and you book your holiday, head to the Fast Cover link on our website and you’ll go straight to the information and quote stage – all online and easy! Bali caters to travellers of all kinds, so there are plenty of things to do as a couple, with friends or with young children. Walk through and enjoy watching the monkeys doing their day-to-day activities, but keep an eye on your belongings!
There’s also the wreck of the US Liberty in Tulamben which you can see while snorkelling, though to get up close you’ll need to scuba dive. Or if you are already an experienced surfer, get a taste of Bali’s waves at Uluwatu and Padang Padang, ideally between May and September. The most difficult part of your trip will be in planning what you want to do and fitting as much in as possible. It is easy to forget that not all activities are automatically covered by travel insurance. The most important aspect of our operation is that we have created a separate Risk Management Team and an Engineering Group who work closely with clients to identify various risk exposures and then provide specific insurance. Don’t worry too much about getting on a ride that might be to thrilling for your taste, there’s ratings which tell you how thrilling and fast each ride is, as well as how wet you can expect to get on the way. There’s one in Sanur, but you’ll be able to find one that suits you almost anywhere on the island.

With such a beautiful landscape, you might just find yourself wanting to extend your holiday so that you can continue experiencing all the island has to offer.
If you get hurt doing an activity that isn’t covered, it can mean you’re responsible for the medical bills.
You should avoid tempting the monkeys to come close, as you don’t want to risk getting bitten. Fast Cover travel insurance has found through an independently commissioned survey that one in five travellers have needed medical assistance overseas.
Our market-driven team of inspired and technically qualified insurance personnel, specializing in civil, mechanical, metallurgy, electronics and having overseas linkages, is on-call for necessary professional advice at all times.
Rabies is still present in Bali, so it’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re close to monkeys or dogs. It is our policy not only to provide protection and risk reduction but help clients develop preventive capabilities to avert major perils and calamities.

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