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Apart from your vehicle’s title or your insurance card, the VIN can be found in a few other places. A VIN is essential in identifying each vehicle and helping drivers keep track of their cars’ performances and specifications. The identification label for the ZF S6-40 6-speed manual transmission (figure 6) is located on the left side of the transmission case.
Also check for VIN # in the normal places, upper dash and on the drivers door jamb as well as the console lid label where all of the options are listed.
VIN numbers are put into a handle, then stamped on the right rear of the engine, where there is an upright portion. After the stamping process, the next station performed a quality control inspection, verifying the VIN stamped matched the build sheet. Pryor supplies a complete range of solutions for (VIN) Vehicle Identification Number marking on automotive chassis, engines and transmissions.
Pryor's integrated scribe VIN marking system locates the control system directly at the marking station providing quick and easy operator use. Pryor's revolutionary laser VIN marking systems can mark a full 19 character code to 0.5mm depth in an unprecedented 4 seconds. Dot and scribe marking systems can be either be hand-held with fixtures for a specific vehicle or integrated into production line systems for automated marking.
Pryor Marking is the only company in the world to have delivered VIN marking systems fully robotic solutions for marking spot and laser. At the other end of the chain, the Pryor punches are designed for quick marking of a VIN for low volume production. Pryor Marking Technology designs and manufactures the widest range of permanent marking systems in the world, together with software and barcode readers for component tracking and tracing.

The rest of this page contains examples of input and output for most of these types of searches. Look up information on a flight by typing the airline name or code followed by a space and a flight number.
Find out about a particular airplane by entering its FAA airplane registration number into Google’s search box. These numbers and letters are the manufacturer identification and tell you where the vehicle was built. The Second Character will tell you the manufacturer while the Third Character identifies the kind of vehicle or the company’s manufacturing division.
In the end, the best bet for understanding various components of a used vehicle’s VIN, is to go to a search engine and type in Understanding BMW VIN.
In most cases drivers will look for the VIN on the inside panel of the driver’s side door. Drivers can also contact our dealership for additional help in locating their vehicles’ numbers.
Refer to Figure 7 to identify the model year and serial number for the 4L60 automatic transmission.
This stamping was done at the third station on the transmission line when the trans was attached to the LT5. Whether production is of 10 vehicles per minute or 10 per day, Pryor has a suitable solution. Text, images, graphics, sound, animations and videos on this website are protected by copyright. It verifies the previous 8 characters based on a mathematical computation developed by the U.S.

After the wrong VIN was XXXX'd out, the correct stamp was made on the opposite side of the engine, near the same place. Each VIN is made up of a combination 17 numbers and letters (could be less if the vehicle was made before 1981), which distinguishes each vehicle by manufacturer, model, trim, year and any other unique specifications or features. When looking into the driver’s side at the corner of the dashboard, the VIN will be located where the windshield matches up the dash.
With GM, for example, the restraint info is in the 7th character position, while BMW has the code in its 8th character position. Drivers use this very important number for insurance, warranty claims, theft reporting, registrations and recall tracking. Sometimes the stamp wasn't changed after a previous stamp was made, maybe the L98 engine stamp was used mistakenly on a LT5. Some of the more common countries are: Japan (J), Italy (Z), Germany (W) and Great Britain (S). The system are repeats itself every 30 years probably assuming most people could tell the difference between a 1980 and 2010 model.
After all, they were both coming down the same line, a ZR-1 no closer than one every three units (there had to be 2 vehicles between each ZR-1 for assembly time purposes).

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