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This car was a local car and when we saw it we immediately noticed that the VIN number on the car was W455100011 which means it was the eleventh car off the assembly line.
We will go into more in depth analysis of what we found in the car next week and find out if this car was something special. Many thanks to our all of our consignors, bidders, sponsors, exhibitors and fans for making the Inaugural Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun an unprecedented success.

When you start to look at the numbers of these cars, whether it is the VIN number or the fender tag codes or other interesting things, you can find out a lot of information about them you wouldn’t normally see. I was changing my mind in selling THIS Car: vin #455100011,license plate 116lsj, when Tom hergert, made me several promises, in order to strike a deal. Also, doesn’t a person have to buy a vehicle under a business name, in order to sell it under That business name??

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