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Tiffany(left) and JessicaBy Ko Dong-hwanThere is plenty excitement in store for fans of K-pop girl band Girls' Generation as Tiffany and Jessica lock horns with their new singles, which will be released almost simultaneously.In unprecedented rivalry between a current and former member of the band, Tiffany will showcase her single "I Just Wanna Dance" on May 10 and release the number the next day. Jessica, who left the band in September 2014, will introduce her number "Fly" sometime this month.The two have already raised fans' expectations with online teasers.

Also, Sooyoung, also of Girls' Generation, is currently in a relationship with actor Jung Kyung-ho. Entertainment because of an internal conflict and that management disapproved of her plans to launch a fashion business.She began hosting TV fashion and beauty program "Beauty Bible" on KBS Drama with Jaekyung from K-pop girl band Rainbow in April.

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