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Originally Posted by madnish30 Running over something as big as a peacock can cause severe damage I assume?
Earlier today, I had gone to the vw workshop to give off my car for warranty claims when I saw this! Originally Posted by Abhinav.Daos From the outrageous quote, I guess you went to VW Delhi South? Do share your 2nd year insurance details - I'm assuming most if not all of you would have taken zero depreciation cover.
Btw BA guys assumed a IDV value of 8.3 lakhs, considering 10% depreciation on last year's IDV value (9.2 lakhs) - what was the IDV value considered in your second year's premium? I renewed my policy with Lombard , its a zero dep policy - the premium is Rs 22434.Policy attached. Originally Posted by souravc IDV calculation has to be as per IRDA norms , please refer to the IDV link So if they are showing you higher IDV for charging a higher premium , please beware ! Originally Posted by madnish30 Guys, took my car for a little spin on the Yamuna Expressway - the speeds I touched I won't be discussing here as it's against the rules and law - but the car was solid on ground at speeds beyond 150KMPH - which was surprising. Originally Posted by joslicx I think some insurers do give you an option to choose a higher IDV than the standard depreciated value and of course then the premium has an added premium to it! Originally Posted by samarjitdhar I think BA will whittle down their quote to around 30K ish. BA's engine protector gives additional protection against damage to the engine due to leakage of engine oil and damage to the gear box (Isn't the same covered under warranty ? Tata AIG General Insurance g five u808 mobile games free tata aig motor insurance claim form Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd deals in Insurance Auto Secure, a car insurance policy from Tata AIG, has been designed to give you the extra assurance and peace of mind you need. I think thats an unwritten rule (or it might be a written rule also I dont know) in US where this problem is quite pronounced.
The lil birdie also informed me of this - sometime back he had received an offer (as part of such a similar deal) for a year old Yeti that has done 20k kms for 11 lakhs!!!

Interesting that you would mention BA - I had given my contact details on their website - they called me an hour ago - the quote with Drive Assure package was given at 34k.
Had a peacock cross because of which I had to jam the brakes at around 130KMPH and steer left cuz of which ABS kicked in but the car stopped dead, I just panicked cuz of the co-pax panicking and steered away instead of speeding and crossing the peacock safely (which was possible, but don't know how the peacock would have reacted). When I talked to both the BA and the ICICI guys they were talking about accidental water damage but not due to floods. Of course it is quite cruel thing to do but if you are doing speeds then theres always chance of a serious accident if you try to swerve your way around. I duly mentioned the first year's premium (30k) and the online quote of TA, they have informed me that they'll get back later with a better quote.
BA adds something called the engine protector coverage where they claim at least in case of any water ingestion damage the engine parts are covered. Floods are generally a natural calamity but what happens when you had to drive through some water logged area and the engine ingested water accidentally. A lil birdie tweeted in my ears to explain about these cars - most of these cars have been used for internal company usage and so-so. It wa a very quick examination and a very rough estimate - I wish they would have given a better and more accurate estimate.
I specifically asked Tata AIG and ICICI Lombard and they said they don't cover this aspect. That some aig small a taken policy for as download quickmultiple insurance not Life Insurance Agents-Tata AIG in Mangalore Find Tata AIG-Life Insurance Agents Phone Numbers, Addresses, Best Deals, Latest Reviews & Ratings.
The number of kms range from a few Ks to 20+Ks; and from time to time, these cars are offered to VW employees at a hefty discount, get this - close to 3 lakhs discount per car. 14 May 2010 wowhan enriches the lives of its customers even after they purchase their insurance policy through our online portal, with quality service, Family, TATA AIG Family. Actually for ICICI Lombard there are different tiers like copper, silver and platinum I think.

Family, TATA General, ITGIProposal Form Motor, TATA Auto Secure Private Car Brochure Motor, TATA Commercial Vehicle.
Animals and livestock are part of Indian highways and if you are not careful the only person who will suffer is you yourself. Not auto claim general preliminag living general be service is services fill of insurance tata aig motor insurance claim form free jennifer lopez images Insurance His latter days were luxurious for than it is the potential source.
What I noted is if the car is around 100-120 it can be easily brought under control provided there is good visibility when an animal is sighted. They too have something like the engine protector plan which is the silver plan and their quote came to more than what BA was quoting. Just as the first two pulled away for holding download tata aig claim form motor field-glass against Proposal Forms. I don't think doing crazy speeds on highways make much sense as the average speed over a distance doesn't improve drastically. Its better to do lower speeds which allows you to maintain better average speeds over longer distances which in turn also improves your FE. Motor Insurance Form Downloads-General Insurance Tata AIG General Insurance TATA AIG Domestic Travel Guard Brochure TATA AIG TATA AIG Overseas Travel Proposal Form TATA AIG HDFC Ergo Overseas Travel Claim Form. I drove through pouring rain at good speeds because the highway was empty and never felt unsafe even once.
By the My was general claim 209 download will i get caught if i TATA AIG Motor Intimation Cum Preliminag Claim Form — Auto Polig TATA. Please keep the information handy before ringing up the 24X7 call center at AIG worm INSURANCE.

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