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What made him confident of this being a relevant vehicle was his own personal experience watching kids channels on Sunday mornings with his three-year old son.
In its most hi-decibel campaign, with a marketing budget of over Rs 80 crores, it has also got on board funny man Kapil Sharma to help increase reach. Says Kukreja, "Our previous experience has told us that insurance as a category is seen as boring and complex, and that's why we have deliberately chosen the humorous route with Kapil Sharma." Having a celebrity helps amplify the message, he adds. So Ullu from a previous film becomes 'Babaji ka Thullu' (a catchphrase made famous by Sharma in 'Comedy Nights With Kapil').
And the 'Maa' character makes way for Sharma, points out Shriram Iyer, executive director of Lowe Lintas, the agency behind the campaign.

At least three other players in the Indian online financial marketplace have been on a fund-raising spree and there could be many more wwwin the pipeline.
These include coverfox, financial marketplace bankbazaar and rupeepower that, as per sources, are getting ready to park sizable budgets towards brand build-up with a slew of marketing initiatives. While getting Sharma could well be a masterstroke thanks to his mass appeal, it does have its limitations like his ability to reach out to say the non-Hindi speaking belt. The other problem is the overt tones of humour and the clout of Kapil collectively hijacking the campaign, submerging the brand messaging. Ambarish Ray, COO at Metal Communications feels that the construct and strategy of the current campaign is exactly the same as the previous mother campaign created by his agency.

There is an office situation with a young man, an agent who brings in perspective (Suhasini in the previous film, Kapil in this ad) and the role of the brand is firmly established through comparative benefits and demo.

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