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The police need one of two things to be able to legally search your car: they need either your permission or probable cause to suspect that searching your vehicle will reveal that you are breaking the law.
HDT Storm is a multi-purpose search and rescue tactical vehicle (SRTV) designed and manufactured by HDT Global, for the US Air Force (USAF).
The Storm is a multi-purpose search and rescue tactical vehicle designed and manufactured by HDT Global. The HDT Storm SRTV offers superior mobility and versatility in all environmental conditions.
Just like heavy duty rescue vehicles, Argonaut search and rescue amphibious vehicle has been designed to offer specialized equipment essential in emergency rescue situations such as building collapses, natural disasters, vehicle extraction, fires, flooded areas or any other areas in any terrain. Future Amphibious Hybrid Concept Vehicle with Intelligent Wheel System Amphibious Hybrid is a concept vehicle which was created under an industrial design course project.
Id die for this, give this shit to military EMS FD NAVY, Air Force, this must be mass produced. For example, if a police officer pulls you over and smells drugs in your car, they have probable cause to search the vehicle. For example, it’s common for police officers to ask you if you know why you were pulled over when they pull you over.
Unfortunately, it’s very easy for a police officer to just say that the dog smells something contraband in your vehicle and to demand to search the rest of it. The vehicle in USAF service is designated as Guardian Angel Air-Deployable Rescue Vehicle (GAARV).The vehicle is deployed to assist the USAF's Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) units in personnel recovery missions.

This vehicle helps rescue people in times of natural calamities like floods and cyclone affected areas on whatever terrain you put it. Argonaut search and rescue amphibious vehicle system features hybrid technology, either you can use the electricity powered by the solar panels or diesel engine or combination of both technologies. If they look into your ashtray and see what appears to be a half burned marijuana cigarette, they then have probable cause to search your vehicle. Admitting to anything is admitting to breaking the law and, in most cases, that gives them probable cause to search your vehicle. Technically, you have a fourth amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure; this is why there has to be probable cause to search your goods.
It can quickly transport personnel into the battlefield to provide superior mobile rescue capability.The air deployable recovery vehicle can also perform disaster relief and other humanitarian assistance operations. Argonaut system consists of amphibious transporter, screw-propelled vehicle and hovercraft that are transported on the transporter.
Any equipment in this vehicle is removable, therefore user can move it from one vehicle to another, from screw-propelled vehicle to hovercraft to transporter. It is the kind of rescue vehicle that can ply on whatever terrain you put it on and effortlessly. When it comes down to it, all a police officer needs to search your car is a reason and they’re very good at coming up with them.
In practice, however, a police officer can usually find a reason that gives them sufficient authority to search your vehicle.

The vehicle has a curb weight of 1,960kg and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 3,651kg.
The Amphibious […]Swath Electra Glid Megayacht Tender Is The World’s First Carbon Neutral Solar Hybrid Megayacht Tender A limo tender, Swath Electra Glid Megayacht Tender is introduced as the world’s first Carbon Neutral Solar Hybrid Megayacht Tender. Production of the vehicle began in August 2013.The USAF received first set of GAARV vehicles in November 2013. It offers environmental benefits with its solar electric […]Mercedes C-ROC Is An Amphibious Vehicle For Future Transportation Both In Water And Land If of you have seen a crocodile running into the water from the land, you might find the functionality of Mercedes C-ROC concept car similar to that. The vehicles provide enhanced capabilities to the Guardian Angel rescue teams of the 88th Test and Evaluations Squadron (TES) Guardian Angel Test Division to search for and recover individuals in difficult geographic locations.The GAARV is being tested to evaluate its effectiveness and compatibility with Guardian Angel, which is the USAF's non-aircraft weapon system. It can also be transported by the CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters.The HDT Storm can drive on and drive off the aircraft without shoring.
This project was inspired by an article that Beichen Nan, the designer, read on the Top Gear magazine.
It can be fielded by low velocity aerial delivery airdrop or Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) systems.
It can perform evasive manoeuvres in confined spaces and can traverse over impassable terrains including vertical rock faces.

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