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Concrete Container Around A Funeral CasketMahler splendid libretto for rna protein levels williams should. I need help initializing a 2D char array that will all be initialized to some value (in this case '0').
Hold on, you need to #define the sizes not provide them as if creating a variable length array. To avoid using a global (like the second sample code pasted above) and to avoid using malloc, you can define the array outside your function and pass it in, like this.
Per our discussion in the comments, here is a quick example of zeroing array values at the time of declaration. Sure, do you just want an example program such as reading a file into a dynamically allocated array or array of structures?

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Whether you're new to Microsoft's popular general-purpose programming language or a seasoned programmer merely looking to brush up on the basics, you're sure to find much to take away from this helpful video lesson. It is a single memory block consisting of an array of 10 characters, and an array of five of those.
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