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If you already have an account with us, please use the login panel below to access your account. All there is left to do at this stage is to enter the vehicle of which you would like to customise the colors. Just be unofficial American Fatriot the more recognition you get and it might show actual leading skills as you are an useless fuck in my eyes who has a tongue so brown as a bad neighborhood in America. Considering you live in a shit hole of a state I bet you didn't even take Chemistry in highschool, assuming you went.

Send this to trash can, it's just annoying having two useless threads for people who don't know how to use google. Many complain that the ID's they find on the web do not resemble the colors in game and that they do not have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Now I'm going back to sleep 'cause I'm gonna be committed in an isolation room because I'm gonna go back to the ministry and allow them to perceive me as I am ? a FUCK-UP! These color ID's are the most accurate I have ever found and have worked the greatest for my friends and I therefore I have decided to share them amongst the SARP community.

And that's how I felt when I was in Waterloo, cause when I walked in Waterloo and smiled at people they treated me like a vampire.

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