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High Security Registration Number Plates Price, Process, Cost, Charges and Benefits on New Cars and Old Cars in 2015 - 2016 India.
The Uttar Pradesh transport department has decided to fix HSRP Plates on all old and new vehicles to make them safer and curb cases of counterfeiting and duplication. HSRP is a secure number plate aimed to establish a uniform pattern of displaying registration marks across the country.
The transport department has issued a tender inviting suitable bidders to create infrastructure for supplying and affixing HSRPS all around UP.
Transport commissioner K Ravinder Naik told TOI that HSRP minimizes the risk of vehicle theft.
Officials said HSRP would also aid in creating a computerized and nationwide database of registered vehicles.
It was expected as a base norm to implement HSRP affixation for Old cars latest by March 2014 across all states in India. All these number plates will be fixed using Non Re-Usage Snap Lock system to prevent theft. As per Report in TOI - there are over 50,000 plates which are yet lying at Vendor Place for collection.

As claimed in the report - dealers despite of Supreme Court judgement are delivering cars without High Security Plates. High Security Number plate seems much organized in Imphal - been number series with last date as affixation date been announced.
On Initial Note - Vehicle with Registration Series as CH-01- AR will be covered for affixation of Number Plates. As per Circular by Transport Commissioner, Bhopal - Any new car to be delivered should be delivered with High Security Number Plate, which is to be mandatory affixed before handing over car to customer. Though - the process is good for consumers in a way that they do not need to run to RTO for affixation of plates. The Process is on running trial, and expected to go full fledge starting 1st October 2013, if the trial succeeded. Number of cars been sold in Delhi is more than the combined sales of 3 Metros put together.
The Jaipur businessman owns the number RJ 14 CP 0001 for his new BMW, which is, obviously, the highest amount ever paid for a VIP registration number in Rajasthan. HSRP was introduced by the Centre and the UP government intends to implement the scheme as prescribed in Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, and Motor Vehicles (New High Security Registration Plates) Order, 2001.

New vehicles sold in the country will come fitted with HSRPs and the transport department will organize camps to facilitate fixing of the plates on old vehicles. While the regular registration plates can be easily tampered with, making them prone to theft, HSRPs are tamper-proof, non-replaceable and ensure more safety for vehicles. The bidders will maintain and operate the infrastructure, formalities, services and establishments in all the districts of UP," he said, adding that the transport department would soon call a pre-bid meeting to discuss the issue. The transport department may seek an extension of six months if all the vehicles are not covered in the stipulated period," the transport commissioner said. RTO Ghaziabad, which covers the region of Ghaziabad, Noida, Hapur and Bulandshahr, has a total of 15,61,127 vehicles.
These registration plates will be fixed in RTO Office and there are no independent agencies or brokers who can affix this.

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