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Highlife singer, Bisa Kdei has reacted to publication that he dumped his girlfriend after he gained fame.
In a tweet, Bisa Kdei wrote “Honestly I’m so disappointed in the blogger who wrote the story about me dumping my girl.Not cool.
Bisa Kdei according to the report was quoted to have told Delay on the Delay Show that ““I am single, and I broke up with my girlfriend when I became famous. Photographs posted to Bangkok’s Kasetsart University alumni Facebook page appears to show students wearing a “helmet”, which consist of a piece of paper wrapped around the head and pieces of paper stapled to either side. US comedian Kevin Hart has signed a deal to release an album as his inept rapper alter-ego Chocolate Droppa.
A new television comedy-drama series, Professor Johnbull, sponsored by Glo, will start airing in Ghana from tomorrow,August 13. The One-week celebration of highlife singer Daasebre Gyamenah is happening today, August 12 at the forecourt of Omanhene Palace in Koforidua. An Accra Circuit Court presided over by Her Honour Abena Oppong Adjin-Doku has adjourned the case in which Hip life artiste Eugene Ashie popularly known as Wisa Greid is facing trial for indecent exposure. Ghanaians have invaded the US Army with their culture as their traditional singing and dancing popularly called ‘jamma’ has become part of American soldiers’ daily routine on war front. Prince Sunny is in love with a pauper who also loved him in return, but another princess loves the princess and would go to any length to get was she able to succeed watch out for it as you click to watch Starring: Julia Ariko, Randalll P.
This is a Nigerian Nollywood Ghallywood 2015 Movie,is about Samira, she meets the love of her life again after her supposed death, now would her sister let them reunite again?
This is a Nigerian Nollywood Ghallywood 2015 Movie, Alex and her sister inherited their late father’s property.
After few days of releasing his I Dont Think Far single featuring Top Kay, Sprmy and Young Chorus, DJ Lil Win shoots the video for the song. Young, talented and charismatic Ghanaian Artiste who has recently rose to fame with his hit track Ekiikimi. Traffic stunk in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday morning over a report of a man trapped inside a trash hauler, prompting the load to be dumped in the middle of the street.

The trash was dumped in the middle of the roadway on Grand Avenue near 6th Street after an apartment-dweller reported seeing a man trapped inside, officials said. The witness told authorities that as the man struggled to get out of the truck, another large load of garbage was dumped on top of him, according to Fire Department spokeswoman Katherine Main. Full story in the Washington Post: Air Force dumped more ashes than acknowledged"It would require a massive effort and time to recall records and research individually," Jo Ann Rooney, the Pentagon's acting undersecretary for personnel, said in a Nov.
According to records the military gave The Post, between 2003 and 2008, 976 fragments from 274 personnel were cremated, incinerated and dumped in the landfill.
The “Mansa” hitmaker hours after the publication expressed his disappointment in the report asking bloggers not to “post what you don’t know”. Family of the late has announced that the musician who became very popular for his debut Kokooko which featured Lord Kenya will be buried on October 14 in Koforidua.
The case was adjourned due to the failure of the prosecutor to show up in court when the case was called…. American soldiers of Ghanaian descent are teaching their native colleagues the African concept of warding off stress and pressure through singing and dancing. It promises to be an exciting time of fun, laughter and entertainment for viewers across the country. However, what happened after CBS 5 interviewed Snow may shock you.According to Argos’ video piece, published Nov.
Snow was soon after urged by Al DiCicco, who appears in the documentary film “Shade the Motion Picture”, a film about covert and sinisterbioweapons testing programs, to contact Intellihub News and get independent testing of the samples done by a reputable lab. RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE OF HUMAN SUBJECTS FOR TESTING OF CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL AGENTS.(a) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.
Our eventual deaths brought on by the bi-product of geoengineering applications, now being sold to the American people as necessary. I went outside and looked to the south-west and saw a 130 with two escorts to the rear of it heading west.
The second (northern most) escort split off from the other two and was headed in my direction, (north-east).When it began to fly directly over my house, (Cori was on the phone with me), I began seeing what looked like long rain drops, or extremely long cob-web type fibers (twenty to fifty feet long), falling from the direction of the aircraft.

The sun was in the perfect position for me to see this substance falling toward the ground, and on my head.The substance also fell from the sky on my friend Cori at the time the aircraft were present and passing over her. Neither of us saw the substance fall directly from the aircraft, however, it was at the exact time the different aircraft passed over both of us. 5,400 ft., and Cori told me that the aircraft were almost at the same altitude as Granite Mountain, which is 7,629 ft. Cori’s friend was working in Chino Valley at that exact time and he also reports seeing the substance fall from the sky. I am not sure if he saw the aircraft.I grabbed a white piece of paper and began collecting the unknown substance from mid-air. The fibers were so long that I had to wind the paper over and over for many minutes in order to collect it. Not only was this substance found in my yard, but also all over of Chino Valley, the Yavapai College Campus in Chino Valley, Prescott, Williamson Valley, and there were reports in Phoenix as well.I am very afraid that this substance may be harmful, as the fibers are very fine and I, along with anyone else that was outside at the time, breathed them in. Because it landed in my organic garden, I disposed of anything growing there.I have many pictures of this substance, a picture of the three aircraft, and physical evidence we collected from the air, cars, fences and plants.
The picture of the C130 seems to show the rear loading bay open on the back of the aircraft.This matter is urgent and needs attention. I called Ernest Love Field in Prescott to inquire whether they had any knowledge of a C-130 with two escorts were in the area… they know nothing. I also filed three complaints with the FAA, have emailed all ninety-four AZ State representatives, and only heard back from Judy Burgess, who requested that I notify her of the results of the lab tests. If none of these agencies are responsible for an unknown substance falling from an aircraft, why do they exist?I contacted Luke AFB, and was told to contact Davis Monthan AFB.
When I left the interview they gathered their own samples and had them tested (Positive gauze, wheat gluten flour and bacitracin).

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