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The folks from Consumer Reports recently paid $127,000 for a Tesla Model S P85D, the most expensive model the consumer magazine ever bought.
Fortunately, the next day a Tesla service employee dropped by and replaced the faulty door handle. Here’s a story that will make all you octane-lovers sob like a kid who dropped his ice cream.
Last night, Tuesday, at around 10:00pm, a Jewish-owned car caught fire on Lincoln Place near Albany Ave. The man immediately got out of his vehicle, and soon thereafter the car was engulfed in flames.
It’s a new car how is it that the steering fluid is low besides what does that have to do with the car going in flames even if it is low? Hard to accuse a steering mechanism of having a hateful intent, even if you want to argue the steering mechanism acted intentionally. These cars actually notify the driver when an oil change is needed so if it was that,!insurance still has to cover for not beeping as supposed to.

The Tesla Model S P85D is like Edison's light bulb combined with the Blower Bentley, not only revolutionary, but also fun. Consumer Reports recently bought one of these wondrous electric vehicles to test out, but were disappointed when it broke down. To streamline the outside of the car, Tesla's chromed handles are recessed into the bodywork. At nearly $130,000, the American EV steps beyond the realm of conventional luxury cars, as it costs as much as a Mercedes-AMG GT S or a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. This problem is not the first they found with the Silicone car, as a while ago the same people found that under certain conditions, a big enough rock going under the car could damage the battery. But their ownership of Tesla’s range-topping electric sedan has started on the wrong foot. May hashem bless him that he has enough money to buy a replacement car and may g-d bless him that he drives it safely. CR probably broke the bank to buy one of the most interesting pieces of consumer goods right now, so their disappointment is justified.

This in turn could have had catastrophic results, so Tesla jumped into action and installed a new underbody shield. People have been having this problem with regular versions of the Model S since the car was launched, while Consumer Reports claims it's the most common malfunction in their database. At the end of the day, all cars are just really big computers and you can expect tedious malfunctions from Jaguars, Porsches or even Bentleys.
The good news is Tesla sent over an employee the following day, and he replaced the damaged parts.

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