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FLORENCE – Over the past seven days there have been 17 vehicle break-ins where theft of property occurred reported to the Florence Police Department. From the reports, the thieves are taking anything available in the vehicles; from I-pads to cellphones, from jewelry to cigarettes. These incidents are not bound to one area of Florence; rather they are occurring across the entire city. Patterson also said that the only way to prevent these things from happening is to keep your doors locked. He also stated that if you do have any valuables in the vehicle you should put them in an area that is out of sight, such as the trunk of the car.
Man, its a good thing Alabama just passed the law where employees can leave their guns in the car. PhotosSUBMITTEDAlthough this car had its window smashed, Topeka police report more than half of cars burglarized this year were unlocked or showed no sign of forced entry. Electronics equipment, purses and wallets are the most popular items feeding an increase in vehicle break-ins in recent months in Topeka, a recent crime analysis indicated. James Anderson, a Topeka police crime analyst, said that of the 548 vehicle break-ins reported through July 14 in the capital city, car stereos are the most common property stolen, followed by purses, portable GPS units, wallets and compact discs. More than half of the break-ins police investigate involve vehicles that were unlocked or show no sign of forced entry. Gish, who heads the department's crime prevention efforts, said securing your vehicle and removing valuable items is the best way to reduce being a victim of a vehicle break-in. A breakdown of 2010 vehicle break-ins rank cash as the ninth most item stolen from vehicles, followed by iPods.
A crime analysis map of Topeka shows 2010 vehicle break-in hotspots in several locations, including a wide patch of residential neighborhoods in central Topeka with higher incidents near S.W.
Crime prevention efforts by the Topeka Police Department and local community organizations are credited for a 24.2-percent drop in vehicle break-ins from 2008 to 2009. To help motivate motorists, police sometimes perform vehicle checks in areas that have been targeted by thieves in the past.
Of all vehicle break-ins this year, 53.3 percent didn't show sign of damage or locked doors.
Crime statistics show that thieves break, pry or force windows in 41 percent the vehicle break-ins in 2010. Gish said motorists also can remove opportunity for thieves by parking in well lit areas where their vehicle can be easily seen. Get an unwanted piece of electronic, rub it with poison ivy and put in a ziplock bag, put it on your dash and roll down your window and have fun.

And jowblowmows has a point: this article seems meant to spread awareness, not point the finger. I leave nothing of value or even perceived value in my car because I don't want it broken into because dealing with the police and insurance are a pain in the butt.
I see all these fancy radio systems in the stores, amplifiers, etc and they all have a sign on them (figuratively of course) "steal me".
I also would like to know how many of these crimes are done in broad daylight and how many people have actually been arrested due to these break-ins.
Also get a light outside and get a survaliance camera n point it to ur drive way n have it recording at night when ur sleeping. If you seriously shot someone in your yard, you would be charged with murder or attempted murder. However, I agree with you, I wish the laws were changed to wild west style when there were horse theif hangings. WALDRON (KFSM) — Waldron Police are searching for suspects after receiving two reports of vehicle break-ins. The department stated the reports were of vehicle windows being broken and women’s purses stolen from the vehicles.
AT&T joined First News Sunday with a ton of new technology for the upcoming school year. Martin Fisher from Science Central joined First News Sunday for another edition of Science Sunday. According to the Fort Wayne Police Department, there has been an uptick in car break-ins over the last month.
Police spokesman Michael Joyner said the department is constantly getting reports of purses, wallets, money, and electronics being stolen. Between March 1 and April 12, there have been 196 reported car break-ins. During the same time period last year, there were 143 car break-ins.
According to residents, there have been several car break-ins near West Paulding Road and Mclellan Street. The surveillance video shows two people walking from a house across the street to the cars parked in front of her home. Officer Joyner said the rash of car break-ins has become frustrating for law enforcement, too. Joyner said using that extra precaution would likely drive down the number of car break-ins. Dennis Patterson explained that while this type of criminal activity does usually pick up this time of year, it is beginning to occur much more frequently than it usually does.

And, while parking lots may be targeted by some thieves, a closer look at the statistics show more than 60 percent of vehicle break-ins this year were done on residential streets, driveways and alleys. When items can't be removed from a vehicle, police say it is best to make sure those valuables are out of sight to potential thieves looking for an easy score.
Laptop computers are the sixth most commonly stolen item, followed by tools and cell phones.
And, while the department recorded 45 fewer vehicle break-ins during the first six months of 2010 from that in 2009, police said a spike in the second quarter of the year may mean efforts are slipping. Cards reading, "If I were a thief," are left on vehicle windshields that state whether the officer thought a criminal would target specific items in a vehicle or pass on the automobile. In addition to locking your vehicle, police said car alarms are helpful, especially ones that use audio and visual warnings, such as a siren and flashing lights.
Another 5.3 percent of incidents involve damaged, pried or punched locks, while cut convertible tops accounted less than half of 1 percent of all break-ins. Installing motion lights and having a dog also attract attention to thieves and that of vehicle owners.
And if you're stupid enough to leave your valuables in there, unlocked, it's a "help-yourself". But they're no more pathetic for doing it on someone's personal property than if they did it in a parking lot. I told her the next time she leaves he fancy dancy purse on the seat I will take it out and place it on the hood of the car for the thieves to take.
They did steal a cup of change and a bottle of root beer from her boyfriend’s car, which was unlocked. However, he said the most effective deterrent is being part of a neighborhood watch program that helps the community look out for each other. I've had my truck broken into 3 times and only had the stereo taken the first time, other than that they didn't get anything because now I don't leave nothing of value in it anymore but had to shell out money that could've went toward something else on repairs of the damages left by these idiots. 16 in the Pecan Grove residential edition northwest of Yukon at Wilshire and Richland Road.

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