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A few years ago, my wife and I took a vacation to northern California—a week of play and relaxation.
We flew into San Francisco International, planning to rent a car to drive to Sonoma County.
If I knew then what I know now, I would have skipped the check mark and spent that money at the wineries. So, if you have liability, comprehensive and collision coverages on your personal car insurance policy, you probably have it with a rental too. Provides additional liability protection if you’re at fault for an accident and the other party files a claim against you for injuries and damage that exceed your regular policy limits. You already have health insurance, or you have adequate medical coverage under your auto policy.
Check with your credit card company—Some credit card companies provide at least limited coverage at no charge if you use their card to pay for the rental. Take your policy paperwork to the rental counter—You may be asked a question that these papers can answer. Ask your agent or company about “named non-owner” coverage—It’s horrible jargon even by insurance standards, but “named non-owner” coverage is designed to provide coverage to people who don’t own a car, but do drive. The bottom line: Do your homework before you head to the airport—a 10-minute chat with your agent or company can save you hundreds.

Compare campervans and motorhome insurance  policies by simply selecting the quick quote option and completing a simple online quote form. We offer a wide range of cover options or both holiday and business travel, these products are tailored especially for the needs of Northern Irish residents. Be it a dog, cat or bunny rabbit we have them covered with single or multi package cover solutions. When we arrived at the rental counter, we were exhausted from the six-hour flight and long hike from the baggage claim. We had a full coverage policy; so, in essence, we paid for and drove around California for a week with duplicate insurance.
May not apply if the car is misused (speeding, driving on unpaved roads, or driving while intoxicated).
I know that’s a bit of a cop-out, but the truth is that different insurance companies’ policies vary slightly, and there are some situations—such as renting a moving truck, or renting a car outside the United States—where different rules apply. Ask if the coverage you have on your personal vehicle will provide protection for you in a rental car.
So, say you live in the city and don’t own a car, but do rent every few weeks to travel to your parents’ house in the country. At the rental counter, be sure to ask questions before you check that box accepting rental car insurance.

The advantage to you is that all quotes that you receive after completing a simply online inquiry form are actionable quotes.
We can provide you with a selection of quotes from the to NI brokers that deal with Northern Irish brokers only. Sit back and check your inbox for a range of competitive quotes that will provide cover for your family mobile home. Make like easier and insure all your pets at one time and with one specialist NI broker, that offers exclusive deals on pet insurance in Northern Ireland only.. Details are passed directly to Compare NI which is owned and operated by Seopa Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Registration #313860. It provides protection above and beyond what your auto policy provides—useful if you’re sued. Your agent or company can let you know if you have what you need, and what your options are if you don’t. If you feel like you need supplemental liability for a rental, you may actually need a personal umbrella policy.

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