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1) Attempting to do this myself when the extent of my knowledge was changing spark plugs and brake pads. Once I figured the chain link thing out (yes I'm stupid) I put it all back together really believing I had it this time.
It's a bit late and the motor has 150+k miles but here is the case for not using any oil but the 5W20 weight reccomended by Ford.
When the motor is cold, extra heavey oil is putting to much tension on these parts from higher oil pressures until the oil thins out from heat and use.
The semi syn Motorcraft oil gets to these parts faster and does not build as much tension on the chains and giudes.
Had to do the same job on my 97 f150 with a romeo built ( Vin w on the 8th digit vin #) I rented the tool for free at Autozone here in Ohio. This Serial Numbers diagram displays the required parts for the Gl1100 Goldwing 1980 (a) Usa Serial Numbers.

In 1975, Honda did to the World of high performance touring motorcycles what they did in 1969 to sports bikes with their CB750 four!
CMS is an independent supplier of spare parts and has no commercial link with Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha or Kawasaki.
Mine was not broken however there appears to be a lot of wear on the cam shaft gears and the chains are way loose, mainly the right hand side. The large wrench fits over the bolt heads on the pulley and the other wrench fits on the big nut on the fan clutch. I know that you do not have to take off the radiator, but I think I am going to anyways just to flush it and make it easier to work on. The camshaft and crankshaft positioning tools are very hard to find and I marked everything after establishing TDC with # 1 cylinder position.
I also ordered the timing chain kit for $270 and valve cover and timing chain cover gaskets.

The number 5 and 6 broke off into the motor and I had to buy a special tool to get them out. Hopefully from watching My friend who works on all our ford lightnings take the motors out and swap them for JDM motors, I will remember what to do and not to do with the timing chains. After that the motor continued to skip which apparently stretched out the timing chain and broke one of the guiders. The only difference is, I have no power at all and it feels like the motor is going through HE%$!

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