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The interest for Range Rover Classic is really global with visitors last 12 months from more than 180 countries.
It is a more upmarket version with four doors, a conversion carried out in collaboration with Land Rover Ltd by Automobile Monteverdi at Basle in Switzerland.
British specialist firms like Rapport, Carmichael and others have not been slow to produce the Range Rovers that the manufacturers can't offer, at least not in Britain (in Kenya for example, the local BL factory makes four door Range Rovers on a lengthened wheelbase).

Latest in the field is the Swiss firm of Monteverdi who have executed a very neat and well-finished four door conversion on the standard wheelbase. There is a considerable demand in Switzerland for luxury vehicles of this kind and Monteverdi have their own Safari and Sahara. More surprising is that BL have taken the project under their wing and will offer the four door Range Rover Monteverdi as part of their range in all markets, including Britain.

Half, threequarter and one ton, GS (General Service) GP (General Purpose) or Utility Truck.

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