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Y no sabes leer tener que apretar f1 para entrar al setup (bios) y poner manualmente los valores que quieras o apretar f2 y que vuelva el bios a su estado de fabrica.
Nintendo's Wii U is a console that boasts innovative designs and a killer library of some of the hottest games. CoolerMaster has rethought the fundamentals of liquid cooling with its MasterLiquid series of AIO coolers. Today I bring you a review of a headset I've been using for a quite a few months now, the Partiot Viper V360.
Gaming headsets usually get a bad rap for sounding terrible when it comes to audio quality.
Hey guys, my PC has been running fine (Sig-Rig), until now; whenever it boots up, i see the Mobo screen, then it goes to a black screen that says "Warning! If that doesn't work you could try getting bios on a floppy from a different computer and reflashing..
I've ran into that on a couple boards, clearing the CMOS a couple times cleared it right up.
You'd think the major mobo companies would test each board before shipping them to the populous. Is it worth your consideration?Introduction For years, the laptop market has been dominated by the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo and others, but things are now changing. ASUS has a large selection of products from a variety of markets, but they are really starting to make an impact with their notebook selection.
We posted an evaluation of their Lamborghini VX1 last November, which we were quite pleased with. Unlike Dell, ASUS only sells their laptops as is, without the possibility of customization prior to shipment. Because of this, it’s hard to run out and pick up one of their laptops and be content with everything included.
However, after perusing competitors websites, I found the A8Js to be quite a good value in comparison. No, this box was inside a larger box alongside the included notebook bag that ASUS graciously gives you for free.
To be blunt, I would not personally want to shell out a load of money for a laptop that plasters product information all over. The parts and information sticker I can understand being affixed to the laptop, but it should definitely not be in this spot, rather underneath where nobody looks. As is becoming the norm, this touchpad doesn’t include two separate buttons, but instead you can just press on the relative area to perform the left or right mouse click.
You can see the blue icons on the top row, which correspond with the Fn key.Remember those ridiculous stickers I mentioned? In order to swap any of the components out though, you will need to remove a lot more than this. First, the hard drive is located in the bottom right hand corner of the back, which corresponds with your left hand in normal use. You can see a metal guard here, which prevents you from even simply viewing product information.

You cannot easily remove this, as each side of it has two small screws that are impossible to get at without disassembling the notebook.The CPU has a simple heatsink setup. There are four screws to remove the heatsink off the CPU, but there are multiple other screws on the other end which prevent complete removal.Here is the GPU, which has a fan beneath it to exhaust the warm air. If you never plan on upgrading the ram, then 512MB x 2 would prove a better choice for slightly improved performance.Now that we have taken a thorough look at the innards, we can finally turn it on!
The thought crossed my mind that this was deliberate to force people to go into the BIOS to set up things correctly, but that doesn’t make much sense. The first thing you will see is a Synaptics touchpad configuration window, which you may want to pay attention to if you want to configure it to your liking.
It was closer to 50 prior to the removal of the other menial applications.Setting up was a breeze. It required some user intervention to set it up properly, but it took no more than 10 minutes. Part of this may be thanks to the fact that they do not pre-install security applications with large subscription durations. This might be another reason why the laptops portray a good value… Nero 7 has been out for well over a year.
This doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, as Nero 6 can do any basic task you will need to do.
However, if you want to experience the full blown features of the application such as recoding and DVD authoring, you will need to purchase the retail version.One thing that really grinds my gears is that Norton Internet Security 2005 is installed as the Firewall of choice. I tried to leave it installed on the notebook for a while, but it caused two problems right off the bat.
Even with the program disabled, it causes the computer to lack certain functionality, and the only way to fix this is by uninstalling.I have personal spite against that application, but the fact is, I am far from being the only one who has had issues with it.
Many people might purchase a laptop and run into similar problems and not know how to immediately fix them.
ASUS includes a variety of their own utilities, some of which integrate well with the notebook and utilize their special buttons.
MultiFrame is an application that puts a small 3×3 grid icon on each window, and clicking it, you can choose where you want to locate it.
For example, you could click this icon and then the top right corner of the popup menu and it would push the entire window to that corner of the screen. The other utilities are not too important to touch on, but have to do with the webcam and WiFi. The particular notebook I had included Windows XP, so I installed Windows Vista to make sure everything fared well there.
Windows Updates had a few laptop specific ones available.The only real issue I ran into was the video, as no Vista drivers were included. If you want Vista, the ideal thing to do would be to find a store that sells the A8Js with it pre-installed. This way, I know if the hardware works well, or if there will be a slew of configuration changes that will need to be made.
Now, I cannot speak of the ease of installation if you used another distro, but my goal is to see if they work, plain and simple.Luckily, everything worked perfectly.

I booted into a Beryl environment and it was very smooth, no flickering or glitches at all. Therefore, we haven’t yet finalized our testing scheme, but as we write more notebook articles, we will refine our processes. To test today, I will be comparing a few things to the recently reviewed Lamborghini VX1, also from ASUS.Before testing, the computer is cleaned up of junk applications. The two most notable applications to be removed before testing was Norton Internet Security 2005 and also Skype. The only applications that remained running were laptop specific, including the power schemes and other various ASUS utilities.First we have a slew of popular benchmarks, including Futuremark and Sandra. The only game that was not run in native was NFS: Carbon, because EA refuses to support widescreen. Although I never use a webcam, it might come in handy for some people and saves the hassle of bringing an external one along with you.ASUS claims this to be a notebook for everything, and they are right on the money. As a whole, I enjoy the laptop and would easily use it day to day, but not everyone may share my sentiments. Now, I cannot say for certain that retail models include this, but I have shot off an e-mail to ASUS to inquire about it. The A8Js has a keyboard layout I am not entirely sure of, but I can’t compare to other notebooks on the market since I rarely use them. If you are used to a full sized desktop keyboard, you will probably suffer the same annoyance.Another oddity I found was the fact that the DEL key is on the absolute top right hand corner.
Many notebooks allow you quick access to mute and unmute your volume by pushing the Fn key in addition to one of the F keys.
Now, this software cannot be closed that easily… you need to go into task manager and guess the process name. Even my old Dell laptop had that capability when I installed my own personal copy of Windows.
One thing however, is that the battery doesn’t last as long as it does in other models on the market. This was proved in our testing section where the DVD movie viewing lasted only 2 hours and 14m. So, it is not a notebook for long sessions on the road, unless you have the ability to plug it in.After comparing other notebooks on the market, I found the ASUS A8Js to be a solid value. For the sake of keeping things simple, I focused primarily on Dells online site and tried to build up a similar system to see how the value compares.
I was unable to get a system with the exact same specs, but the closest I could find was their E1501 with a few upgrades.
For a laptop of the same price, you could revert to integrated video, but would have the benefit of a larger screen and an additional 1GB of ram.When purchasing a notebook, the choices are virtually endless.
After playing around on the Dell and other e-tailers, the A8Js seems to be well worth the price.If you are in the market for a notebook that has the power to get work done or your game on, this would be a great choice for the money.Discuss in our forums!If you have a comment you wish to make on this review, feel free to head on into our forums!

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