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Breaking speed limits is more than a hobby for remote-control race car enthusiast Marc Davidson of Kenner. With his car clocking a speed of 120.25 mph, , Davidson became the straight-line speed record holder at the recent International RC Speed Challenge in Fontana, Calif. Although Davidson often gets revved up prior to competition, there are occasions that he is not always at his top speed. The adrenaline rush Davidson experienced motivated him to continue his quest to break speed records.
Through the years, Davidson has developed the mechanic skills to compete among the fastest racers. When Davidson is not racing on a national level, he continues to race weekly in parking lots in New Orleans.

The weekly races also give Davidson the opportunity to make new friends and interact with others who share his interest.
Davidson said he looks forward to helping other remote-control race car drivers increase their need for speed. Iron-nerved Dennis (Duke) Nalon and his 550-horse-power Novi Mobil Special, designed by Bud Winfield, should have won that race. On these pages we present the dramatic picture story of that car’s death and the miraculous escape of the finest, gamest driver in the race-car business.
The two-day competition attracted remote-control race car drivers from throughout the country. I love to make things go fast and do things they are not supposed to do,” Davidson said.

We wish they had, because that was the combination Mechanix Illustrated boldly predicted, away back in our May issue, would cop the 500-mile classic. Six years later at Le Mans around 100 people were killed when a Mercedes hit the back of another car and jumped into the crowd, disintegrating in flames. But the Duke didn’t win because, on the 24th lap, after shattering every Speedway record for 55 miles and pounding down the straightaways at 200 mph, his great car suddenly died of a broken axle.

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