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The Government of Nepal started accepting applications for machine readable passport (MRP) from December 19, 2010 and the first lot of such passports were issued a week later.
Print out the form, glue the passport sized photograph onto the form, neatly imprint the left and right thumb impression at the bottom and ask the worker to sign the form inside the signature box.
The lighting must be uniform with no shadows or reflections on the face, eye-glasses or in the background.
The lighting and photographic process must be colour balanced to render skin tones faithfully. The photograph should show the subject facing square on and looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression and the mouth closed. The face should be in sharp focus and clear with no blemishes such as ink marks, pen, pin, paper clip, staples, folds, dents, or creases. Glasses: If the subject wears glasses, the photograph must show the eyes clearly with no lights reflected in the glasses.
Template to measure the photograph for MRP application as required by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) can be downloaded from here.
Each applicant should submit citizenship certificate along with old passport to receive a new Machine Readable Passport. Once a machine readable passport is issued, it is not possible to amend any particular of the bearer.

I would not want to put you off working here but local hirers are poorly paid & part time extremely rare. There is charity work here which desperately need help & could give you new life skills you could transfer to anything.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It may be recalled that this is perfectly in line with the commitment made by the Government to start issuing MRPs by January 1, 2011. In all cases, the person’s full facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of the face must be clearly visible. ICAO template or actual size form (actual-size) can be printed on a plain sheet of plastic paper for measurement. However, in case of tampering, mutilation and loss of passport the fee will be double that amount, i.e. Therefore, process for issuance of a new passport has to be initiated once again if there are mistakes in the picture, signature and particulars given by the bearer of the passport. I don’t now need to carry my passport around which is good as the Qatar ID is sufficient. Thus it is very important to prepare the application carefully so as to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies.

If you didn’t go in person, then you will need to go to the Immigration Department and get the ID done again and ask for eGate. Scroll all the way down and click on the last sentence (left aligned) which appears in blue colour. I just need to get my E-gate card so I can breeze through immigration when I enter and leave the country and finally, my Qatar driving licence which I need to apply for promptly, within a matter of days.
A lot of the workforce are of Asian origin and as such are typically paid less than Qataris or Westerners. I’ve already got involved in a couple of animal charities so will continue with that and maybe get involved elsewhere.
Otherwise, it is a very long day on your own, not doing much. A lot of Qataris work for the Government and are paid 60% more than their counterparts. The Qatari people, a mere 300,000 or less out of a current population of 1.75 million are well looked after and highly thought of by their Royal family, His Excellency the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani (1995 to present day).

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