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Think about the places you belong to as a member: your credit card, auto insurance, Costco, or your job. Leave a comment on this post describing how much you’re saving with this tip and any unusual techniques you use to make this tip work. Total savings a month: about $2 but hey, $2 for consolidating my bills and no work on my behalf? One thing I’d like to add is that there is a way to turn those reward points into savings. Air Quality: PSI 57-61 Thundery showers mainly over southern , western and central Singapore in the morning.
Warren Buffett, Chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway takes part in interviews before a fundraising luncheon for the nonprofit Glide Foundation in New York. Berkshire Hathaway Inc on Friday said its second-quarter profit rose 25 percent, helped by improvement in insurance underwriting, investment gains and the purchase of Precision Castparts Corp, Warren Buffett's largest acquisition.
But operating results fell short of analyst forecasts, as depressed oil prices and coal demand weighed on volume at the conglomerate's BNSF railroad unit, while units serving the oil, gas and heavy equipment industries struggled. Net income for Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire rose to $5 billion, or $3,042 per Class A share, from $4.01 billion, or $2,442, a year earlier.
Buffett has over the years diversified Berkshire far beyond its insurance roots, including through the $32.1 billion January purchase of Precision Castparts, which makes aircraft parts, and February acquisition of Duracell, which makes batteries. But many operations remain anchored in the United States, and several struggled with the same pressures stemming from low commodities and materials prices and demand. Insurance underwriting swung to a $337 million profit from a year-earlier loss of $38 million. That helped boost overall insurance profit, including investment income, 40 percent to $1.32 billion. The improvement included a near tripling of pre-tax underwriting gain at Geico, which added customers and boosted premiums while its rate of loss claims fell.
Meanwhile, currency fluctuations helped Berkshire's namesake reinsurance business swing to a $184 million pre-tax gain from a year-earlier $411 million loss. Float, or the amount of insurance premiums collected before claims are paid and which help fund Berkshire's growth, grew to $90 billion from $89 billion at the end of March. Investments and derivatives overall generated $394 million of profit, compared with $123 million a year earlier. Most resulted from Kraft Heinz Co's redemption of $8.32 billion of preferred stock that Berkshire held.

Berkshire still owns a 26.8 percent stake in the food company, which is run day-to-day by Brazilian private equity firm 3G Capital.
The redemption also left Berkshire with more cash, $72.68 billion, than it had before it acquired Precision.
The April-to-June period was Precision's first full quarter as a Berkshire unit, and helped boost pre-tax profit in Berkshire's industrial products sector by 34 percent.
Excluding Precision and Duracell, however, profit in that sector fell, hurt by what Berkshire called "soft market conditions" and competitive pressures that drove prices lower. BNSF saw profit fall 20 percent to $772 million and revenue drop 15 percent to $4.59 billion, though speed and on-time performance improved following costly capital upgrades in 2015. Among other businesses, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, a utility unit mostly owned by Berkshire, saw profit fall 4 percent to $482 million, hurt by lower revenue from renewable energy and changes in the value of interest-rate swaps. Berkshire has roughly 90 operating businesses, including smaller units that sell such things as candy, ice cream, insulation, jewelry, kitchenware, running shoes and underwear.
As of June 30 it also owned about $133 billion of stocks including Kraft Heinz, Wells Fargo & Co, Coca-Cola Co and IBM Corp.
Get the entire word-for-word email funnel that generated $400,000 from a single launch and apply it to your own business. I was already planning to buy flowers and get movie tickets next month, so I’m adding a calendar reminder to use these coupon codes then. All credit card include automatic extended warranties, travel insurance, car-rental discounts, and a bunch of other perks. At PBwiki, we offer weekly massages, free food, free headphones, and if you want to take a co-worker out to lunch, we’ll cover it. For more articles on getting value out of your credit cards, go to the index page, or follow the links below. I live alone so I don’t think buying 30 rolls of toilet paper or 20lbs potatoes, etc. I do use Retail-me-not, including their nice widget for Firefox, and have discounts from PayPal.
I use the reward points not to treat myself to something special, but to put towards something I was going to buy anyways. I purchased my Christmas travel home through the rewards website, and instead of a $555 flight on Southwest, I paid $175.75 plus all my accumlated points for a similar US Air flight! I like to use redeem my points for BBB or Kohl’s gift certificates and take them in on huge sale events or when I have coupons.

I have a list near my computer of sites I think I might ever use that offer a discount (like 5% off at Target, which I used when I had to purchase and ship a wedding gift!), and a list of places to buy through my Discover card, which also offers extra cash back for certain sites.
Book value per share, Buffett's preferred measure of growth, rose 1.7 percent from the end of March to $160,009. But by simply being a member, you get perks that can add up to thousands of dollars each year.
Try to defer all major purchases until later (otherwise, how are you going to save $1,000?), but if you know how much you’ll save, feel free to count it towards the $1,000 Challenge.
Using my discounts, I’ve saved thousands on travel, auto purchases, computers, clothes, and home decorations. Granted if I had a card with better cash back I could get more but I really don’t want a new card at this point.
If we end up purchasing for this holiday season, we will probably go with the best deal we can get from local B&Ms rather than shopping online, due to time constraints. For instance, if I use $20 worth of points from my credit card to buy groceries, I transfer the $20 saved into my savings account.
Libraries have come a long way over the past ten years, and these days mine, at least, is a treasure trove of free entertainment. This summer we redeemed enough points to go to Sears for the BBQ grill hubby had wanted for 2 years–and got free assembly. For car buying, the really good cars aren’t on the list (or I should say the high demand ones, which is to be expected).
Most people don’t use the perks, so ask the HR person for a list of benefits you have available and use them!
I used them to send flowers to my mother for her 70th birthday and they arrived … DEAD.
There are lots of bonus point offers on the Thank You Network website, and I go through there if I purchase something online. I wouldn’t go to a gym if I had to pay for it, but since I get free access I feel obligated to take advantage of it. Not only do most schools have sites that can help you network with other alumni, they also offer insurance deals and other bargains.

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