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The 1968 model year spanned Ch# 148000001 thru 148999000 and 1968 models were built from August '67 thru July '68. This website states that in 1970 VW began adding a production date plate adjacent to the serial plate on Beetles, Type 3 and Type 4. BTW, my '70 Beetle (born March 3, 1970) does NOT have that tag, nor is there any evidence there ever was such a tag (no holes for rivets, etc)._________________Mr. While checking the Chassis serial number plate on my 63 coupe, I found this number stamped into the inner fender just below the I.D. In late 1964 the Porsche 356, which was introduced in 1951 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, was replaced by the new 911.

We curate the most interesting barn finds cars for sale almost every day.Do you share the same passion as we do? I have wondered what that meant for the last year and now I am now wondering if that translates to the January 24, 1974._________________Bondo? This is an original example according the Kardex – Porsche’s method of determining original equipment and serial numbers of major components. All of that information is delivered to those who ask (and pay) in the form of a Certificate of Authenticity. In the Porsche realm, this is important because things like replacement engines and color changes effect values dramatically.

The interior on this Targa is said to be original showing signs of age but still in good condition.

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