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Correct, the VIN verification isn’t contingent on anything else about the motorcycle. But when you think about it, the verification was completed by a State level authority which is the Auto Tags place. I’m in the process of doing this but had two questions- the form asks for VT drivers license number? Long story short I bought my bike three years ago but the title is messed up- someone signed in the wrong spot and the Dmw won’t accept bill of sale because the title is in the 1st owners name even tho it has his signature.
On your VIN verification, did you have to provide any other documentation other than the MV-41 form you have the picture of?
I tried to do this for a smaller cc, a 1999 Kawasaki 125 and they sent the paperwork back and I called and they told me I have to take it to a inspection station and get them to sign off that it is street legal. Just as a heads up to people looking to do this (and the author), it looks like Vermont has updated their fee schedule for registering a motorcycle. This guide was especially helpful to me since I’m in PA and basically got a step by step guide on how to do this complete with ALL my documentation.

As of July 1, 2016 the application form has changed, DMV-VD119 is the new form; actually simplified a bit.
Titleable motorcycles 300 cc’s or more last registered in another state are required to have a VIN verification from the Vermont personnel listed above.
Seems redundant both the VIN verification and letter of authorization have the same information. I originally submitted my form without the VIN Verification and it was mailed back to me with the red markups. VT is my only hope of getting it registered so I can transfer it and get a new title… Not sure if CT is going to check for old titles tho when I bring in the VT info? Then saw this post from 2016 and saw replies from yesterday and it re instilled my confidence. Other than that, Messenger services that process titles should be able to do the VIN verification as well. Take a couple pictures of the bike, send it in with the check, bill of sale, and VT DMV reg form and in 2 weeks you should have your plate and reg card.

Or, shop around different tag places to find one that would be willing to work with your title. I would have gone with one of those since they only said they’d charge $5 for it, but they insisted on me bringing the bike in.
The mechanic offered to just come to my house and do it on site since his shop was so close. It was a little more expensive at $20, but well worth it since I didn’t have to push my bike anywhere, or arrange a trailer.

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