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Unlike some other areas where it may be difficult to tell when you need service, your starter is somewhat easier to diagnose. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, then get to your local Gary’s Automotive for quality starter motor repair! Comprehensive word templates repository to download hundreds of free word templates, including resume templates, calendar templates, invoice templates, etc. This is a standard vehicle bill of sale template that you can use as a legal document to legalize a vehicle transaction between the seller and the buyer.
Those information is needed to prevent any disputes that may arise in the future when the vehicle has changed its owner.
Testing the fuel injectors on the 4.0L Ford fuel injected engines in the Explorer, Aerostar, Ranger and Mercury Mountaineer can be quite a challenge since three of them are under the intake manifold plenum. Also, when they fail, they usually don't leave a specific fuel injector diagnostic trouble code (DTC).
Although fuel injectors don't go BAD very often, they also don't last for ever and this little article will show you how to test them with a multimeter. As you're removing bolts, nuts and stuff from the intake plenum to remove it, place them in a container and away from the engine compartment.. I'm sure that you are already aware that the upper intake manifold plenum has to be removed to access half of the fuel injectors. 1After removing the intake manifold's plenum and placing clean rags in the open intake runners, disconnect all six fuel injectors from their electrical connectors. You don't have to test them all, but if you do have the intake manifold plenum off of the intake manifold, you might as well.
2Place your multimeter in Ohms mode and probe the metal male spade terminals inside the fuel injector with the multimeter leads.

3Measure the resistance of the same fuel injectors several times so that you can be sure of your multimeter's Ohms result. Alright, with the resistance values of all six fuel injectors on paper, let's interpret your results. On your scan tool (when it's in Live Data mode), the pre catalytic converter oxygen sensors are identified as O2S11 and O2S21. The part that refers to them as Sensor 1 simply means that they are located before the catalytic converter. You'll manually create this Rich Condition by spraying a little carburetor cleaner into an available vacuum hose while the engine is running. If the O2 sensors are good, they'll both produce 0.900 Volts on the scan tool once the carb spray enters in the engine. 1Connect your scan tool to the diagnostic connector under the dash and start the engine (Don't have a scan tool?
4With the engine running, spray a little carburetor cleaner into a vacuum hose (that has engine vacuum) while you observe your scan tool's display screen.
You're not going to be able to spray carb cleaner into the throttle as the engine is running, because if you were to do this, the engine will die as soon as you disconnect the air duct from it (to spray into it).
However, due to the large amount of power it consumes, it is possible for the starter motor to fail.
For the seller, a bill of sale provides proof that title to the vehicle has been legally transferred. What I have experienced is the PCM only registering a misfire code (P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306) or nothing at all. When done, write this Ohms value down and record the number of the cylinder that fuel injector belongs to, too.

If this happens to you, just restart the engine and repeat the step and spray less carb cleaner spray.
They do not need to be replaced, since what is causing the PCM to think they are fried is something else. Once the engine has begun turning over, the combustion cycle takes over and the vehicle can run. After ruling out any other electrical issues, a faulty starter motor will be slow to turn your engine over, or will simply fail to do so.
They also went out of their way to provide me with additional paperwork to obtain a rebate from Yokohama for tires purchased at my previous visit.
For the buyer, the bill of sale documents the purchase price of the vehicle for sales tax purposes.
Your starter motor is responsible for turning your engine over to begin its initial combustion cycle.
In order to prevent damage to the starter itself, the gears and drive pin it uses to engage the engine are withdrawn when the combustion cycle takes over, via the return spring. Use this vehicle bill of sale template properly, and feel free to modify to comply your state policy.

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