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Flat head is a condition that is comprised of plagiocephaly (when flat spots develop on the infant’s skull), torticollis (occurs when an infant’s neck muscles become tight on one side, causing a neck tilt) or a combination of both. A cost-effective, stylish and comfy beanie for baby specifically designed to help prevent positional plagiocephaly and torticollis, or flat head syndrome.
Every infant is at risk of developing flattened head syndrome if parents are following the AAP’s Back to Sleep recommendations – prevention is key. If parents do not actively reposition the infant’s head from side to side, positional plagiocephaly can develop rapidly – many infants already have the problem by 2 months of age.
Incidence of plagiocephaly is increasing and now affects 1 in 3 babies by the age of 5 months.
Premature infants with prolonged hospital stays are at particular risk unless nursing program addresses the problem.
Medical treatments to correct the condition include physical therapy and custom helmets and can exceed $5,000 in cost. How often do new parents register for tons of gifts that if we are being honest, will just be a waste of money and space. The Tortle is a gift that many parents don’t even think about when they are filling out their registries, but just might end up being the one that gets the most use! I recently had a chance to attend a baby shower for a friend, and the Tortle was one of the gifts that was high on my list to get the happy parents!
We played some fun games; like molding babies out of play-doh, and a baby themed memory game.

Check out this video about what moms wish they had known before having kids, then tell us your thoughts! Here at The Mommy Bunch, I offer solid advice on all things parenting, household, and living life as a working mom. I was so lucky that my boys never had that, I love that they have come out with something so easy to help prevent it. Flat head syndrome is a serious condition that can lead to long-term consequences for baby. I remember registering for all the fun gimmicky things when I was pregnant with my first child , and things that I thought I would need, but most of it just ended up being useless and a waste of space. Who needs fifty onsies when your child will just grow out of them in no time, and probably get food stains all over them?
My name is Jesica, and here at The Mommy Bunch I offer solid advice on all things parenting and living life as a working mom.
Current research suggests that many infants with flat head syndrome experience not only cosmetic abnormalities, but also varying degrees of developmental delays later in life. There are definitely gifts you should not waste your time or money on for a baby shower (and new moms…you should not bother with them).

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