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Gold medalist Ryan Lochte (left, right and center) has reportedly been held up at gunpoint during a party in Rio. The social media posts - which have since been deleted - included jokes about a non-English speaker being a bomber and a 'fantasy' about then 16-year-old Dakota Fanning.
Police in Switzerland's eastern canton of Saint Gallen said the 27-year-old attacker and a female victim, 34, have died after succumbing to their injuries following the attack. Violent protests erupted in Milwaukee after more than 100 people gathered in a standoff with police following a shooting in which a cop shot and killed a 23-year-old man after a traffic stop. Tim Smith, 31, was gunned down in Eastman, Georgia, at 9:30pm on Saturday night when he went to answer a suspicious person call. Jesse Hanes, one of the men suspected of shooting dead New Mexico cop Jose Chavez during a routine traffic stop on Friday, has been charged with willful and deliberate first-degree murder. The government now says that the so-called 'smart' nuclear bomb will enter the production engineering phase. The popular entertainer - who passed away in April this year, aged 62 - died of a stroke, according to US attorney Edward Bearman, who has been dealing with his estate. House Minority leader warned fellow Dems on Saturday to change their numbers as she said she'd been the target of 'scores' of 'sick and obscene' calls after House members' numbers were leaked. Sydney marriage counsellor Clinton Power shared the top five reasons husbands leave their marriages and what you should do if your relationship is on the brink. People from all over the world have taken to Reddit to share the most ridiculous rules their school enforced, from banning having best friends to outlawing high fives.
Phelps swam his final Olympic race in the Men's 4x100m relay, racking up six medals in Rio and 28 Olympic medals total. For your assistance we have provided a flight comparison tool (left) as well as a list of airlines (with links to their respective online reservation systems) below.

The distance between Dubai International Airport and Goa International Airport is some 2,213km.
We suggest setting your watch to Goa's time as soon as you board your flight (the earlier you begin acclimatizing to the new time zone the better).
If it is a peaceful and quiet place you are looking for when visiting Goa, we recommend booking a room at the Casa Colvale.
Smartweek e un magazine in costante sviluppo che in un’ottica di crescita continua e sempre alla ricerca di nuovi collaboratori. Lochte and three of his American teammates had been invited out by Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira (pictured centre) when the terrifying incident took place.
Blake Shelton (right), who has been dating songstress Gwen Stefani for over a year, is believed to have 'Wish the d******** in the next room would either shut up or learn some English so I would at least know what he's planning to bomb.' The authenticity of the posts, which are said to have been shared in 2011, has not been independently verified. Singer Dan Gilroy handed 'deeply personal' letters, photographs and recordings Madonna made in the boudoir to filmmaker Guy Guido. The controversial slugger posed for pictures with models as he partied until the early hours of Saturday morning. Capable of carrying 500 people the 747 is often referred to as the 'super jumbo' The boeing 747 comes in 4 different models with another gradually being phased in by Boeing. Ryanair sara il vettore di lancio con un ordine di 100 aerei piu un’opzione per ulteriori 100, nelle prossime settimane iniziera invece la consegna dei primi 180 Boeing 737-800 gia ordinati, i quali aumenterano la flotta da 300 a 420 entro il 2019.
The 32-year-old has since been released, and immediately called his mother (together inset). Another police car (top) was set on fire and one officer was taken to the hospital after being struck by a brick thrown through his squad car window.
The hotel is completely out of the way and therefore a perfect place to just relax and let go of the bustling city life and stress.

Attualmente la Ryanair possiede gia una flotta di 300 Boeing 737-800 con una capacita di 189 posti a sedere, grazie al nuovo MAX 200 la Boeing ha garantito un incremento fino a 200 posti allungando l’aereo di 2,2 metri. La compagnia ha calcolato che i posti addizionali potrebbero valere $97,000 per aeroplano all’anno. Lochte's mother, Ileana, said it was 'terrifying' and she has since left her hotel to meet her son.
It was just hours after he had brought his career with the Bronx Bombers to a close in front of a standing ovation.
Sit on the deck on the river at sunset, sipping on a drink, enjoy a meal at the restaurant or just relax in the pool.
Il nuovo Boeing 737 MAX 200 aiutera l’espansione di Ryanair sino a un flotta di 520 aerei entro il 2024, raddoppiando i passeggeri trasportati annualmente da 82 milioni a 150 milioni, offrendo anche interessanti prospettive di crescita in mercati attualmente non serviti, come Nord Africa, Israele e gli stati del Golfo Arabico. In the early hours of Sunday morning, Lochte posted video of himself having fun in a club (center), and a photo showing what they were wearing, along with the caption: '6k deep'. A packed Yankee Stadium chanted 'Thank You, A-Rod' throughout the game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Lochte was pictured Friday night walking alone and without security (right) from the Athlete's Village to a nearby hotel to visit his Playboy model girlfriend, Kayla Rae Reid. Some officers were forced to hide behind vehicles during the protests as bystanders watched as protesters set cars on fire dressed in riot gear. The farewell fixture was in jeopardy at the start of the night as thunder and heavy showers swept into the Big Apple.

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