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Although boat insurance is not required in any state, it’s a smart idea to protect your investment against storms, accidents, passenger injuries, rough seas, hypothermia, etc.
And keep in mind the possibility that you could be sued if others suffer as a result of a boating accident. Also you may want to consider towing insurance along with your general boat insurance policy. Lastly, you should find out if your marina, port, or harbor requires you to have boat insurance. Get An SR22 Georgia Online Quote Now & We'll Check Other Carriers To Try To Get You A Cheaper Rate. Get Your SR22 Georgia or SR22A Insurance Policy & Reinstate Your Driver's License Back The Same Day!
We can process a policy over the phone & fax Georgia Department of Driver Services your SR22 or SR22A Filing. The 2 most common reasons why you may need an SR22A Filing, is if your driver's license has been suspended because you received a violation for Driving Without Insurance or Driving With A Suspended License. At First Option Insurance Services we are dedicated to helping our clients save money on SR22 & SR22A Georgia Insurance Filings.
Let Us Help You Reinstate Your Drivers License With A Georgia SR22 Or SR22A Insurance Filing Today.
The next question is how much insurance and what type of insurance you need or would like to have. Having towing insurance provides you discounted or free towing if your boat becomes stranded offshore. As with car insurance, full coverage boat insurance covers almost everything, including theft, fire, accidents, and natural disasters.
Be careful because some policies will only cover towing charges in cases of emergency, not if you simply run out of gas or have a dead battery. If you have the financial ability to absorb unexpected costs or if you simply want to keep your insurance costs low, liability boat insurance will cover costs of damages to other people or property, NOT your own damages. They'll be on a boat or on a raft and look down and see rocks and then look again and realize the rocks are 12 feet beneath the water.
They always tell me they don't have clear water like this in the Midwest or on the East Coast."McDonald is spokesman for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes who manage the Flathead Indian Reservation on the southern half of the lake.
Under an agreement known as the 1855 Hellgate Treaty, the tribes own 1.3 million acres of the more than 20 million acres on which they originally lived.
Because of this, anglers will need to obtain a south Flathead Lake tribal license, which costs $12 and is available at most water-related businesses along the shoreline.The View From HereFrom Flathead Lake, there's usually a snow-capped mountain in sight.

To the north, you'll see the peaks from the 1.4-million-acre and century-old Glacier National Park. The Mission Mountains reaching almost 6,000 feet high are visible in the east and the mile-high Salish Mountains are to the west. Have a chart if you're going to do this; all are easily marked, and visitors need to be aware there are 56 small private lots around the perimeter. It's a favorite place for fishing guide Mike Howe: "Big Arm State Park is perhaps the nicest and least utilized state park, especially for day users," he says. New this year are three yurts (cabins) that are rentable by the night, and a great campground with lakeside spots. Still, it's a great place for boating when winds are whipping up the rest of the lake." Big Arm has a pebble beach (sand beaches don't exist here) and is home base for many visitors with boats. There is also a popular launch on Finley Point, a peninsula that is also part of Flathead Lake State Park.
This 32" fish was caught in South Woods Bay at a 160-ft depth and released to grow largerThere's an obvious reason for the name. Wild Horse Island was used as a hiding place for the Pend d'Oreille Indians after numerous horses were seized on land by members of the Blackfeet Tribe.
If all goes according to plan, by the end of the year the island will have about five horses in its population along with the longtime resident mule deer and big horn sheep.This is considered a spectacular place for hiking and the trails are relatively easy.
A pair of bays on the northwest side of the island are used for protection from high winds and are deep enough for anchoring sailboats with keels. It's an oasis and provides a wonderful chance to slow down, step back, and soak it in."Located on the lake's northeast corner, Bigfork, Montana, has a population of 1,400 residents and is home to 50 shops,antique stores, restaurants, and more than a dozen art galleries.
The Bigfork Summer Playhouse is celebrating 50 years of providing live theater productions. Bigfork is also home to the Whitewater Festival in May that attracts kayakers from around the country, the Festival of the Arts in August that celebrates the playhouse and galleries, and Tamarack Time in October where the harvest is the star attraction. You can launch just a half-mile south of Bigfork at the 67-acre Wayfarer State Park.At the opposite end of Flathead and in the heart of the Salish-Kootenai Indian Reservation is the city of Polson. With a population of about 4,000, this lakefront city is host to a cherry festival for a weekend in July that triples the number of residents. The Flathead River flows along Polson's shoreline for four miles until it comes to the Kerr Dam, which provides hydroelectric power to the nearby area. In 2015, the Salish Kootenai tribes will have the option of taking over management of the dam, a move many expect they'll make.
Riverside Park on the Flathead River has a ramp and so does Sacajawea Park at the northern end of the Armed Forces Memorial Bridge.For those who prefer to "catch" some scenery, Flathead Lake is user-friendly for bike riders.

The 'Painted Rocks' area, north of Wild Horse Island on the west shore, contains Indian paintings dating back hundreds of years.
You have to get pretty close to really see them, but it has to be done safely and is a must-see."One statistic that concerns everyone on Flathead Lake is the number of mackinaw trout, also called lake trout. While a spectacular game fish, it's also one of 15 nonnative fish whose population has increased to the point it threatens the 10 native species, including the bull trout, now considered a "threatened species." For the past eight years, the Salish and Kootenai tribes have sponsored "Mack Days" from mid- March to mid-May offering $100,000 in prize money to anglers who have the best 15-day average of fish landed to reduce the population. Earlier this year, the tribes suggested allowing gill nets to land more lake trout, but this idea has sparked a huge debate about how many native fish may also be caught in a gill net in an effort to reduce the lake trout numbers. They withdrew the idea in April so the state, local anglers, fishing guides, and representatives of the tribes have decided to come up with an alternative no later than September 30. The mack can be found during the summer in deepwater while whitefish and perch are found at shallower depths.
And this brings us to a Lake Flathead fish story.Don't GoMany people in Montana know the beauty of their state and understand the economic benefit realized by tourism dollars.
They are quick to tell you there's nothing to see, nothing to do, and the trout and salmon are already gone and have moved to Canada. If nothing else, there's a neat tee-shirt you can buy.He WentAmerica's celebrated scribe John Steinbeck drove from Maine to California and back in 1960 in a truck with Charley, his poodle, on a 10,000- mile adventure to learn about the United States.
Recently, while jigging for lakers in 160 feet of water, my wife and I caught the same fish. Fishing only six to eight feet from each other, we both set the hook at the same time, and reeled in a fish that had my tube jig in its mouth, and her jigging spoon in its lower jaw. That's one hungry mackinaw!"This brings us to an even larger fish story: According to popular legend, there's the Flathead Monster, with more than 79 reported sightings since first being seen in 1889. It's described as being almost 20 feet in length, although skeptics point to a 181-pound sturgeon on display at the Polson-Flathead Historical Museum believed to have been caught in the lake. Speaking of skeptics, others say the sturgeon was trucked in from elsewhere.For the smart Flathead Lake newcomer with a trailer boat in tow, the spectacular scenery is part of the adventure, but the statistics always get in the way of the view. Cynthia Bras of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes frequently speaks with visitors about their plans for the day. There can be several days of beautiful, calm, sunny weather and then a storm may come in from out of nowhere. This is a large lake with large areas that have no sheltered spots so small boats can have difficulty getting in when the waves begin getting large, and they can get that way in a hurry.

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