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Occasionally, the Business Service Center (BSC) will distribute updates out to employees to announce a new program, changes to procedures, or reminders about deadlines. Employees who subscribe to the UNT System employee healthcare plan are reminded that the $50 deductible for you and each covered dependent began with the new plan year on September 1.
Employees at University of North Texas, UNT Health Science Center, UNT Dallas and UNT System Administration are encouraged to read the current issue of News About Your Benefits from ERS.
Asset User: Staff members that maintain asset information for their department will learn the responsibilities of the asset user and reporting activities for asset management at UNT.
However the system gets a little confused if there is a blank page at the end of the document, so remember to delete the blank page at the end.

The email agent is set up to handle Excel documents, but it cannot read and convert multi-worksheet pages.
This process was set up to handle invoices, which are typically a single or multiple page document, not an Excel workbook. Our process will capture that information as it comes into workflow, helping us locate the document faster in case there are any questions before the voucher is created in EIS.
Attendees will learn how to maintain asset information (condition and location) in EIS FS and how to conduct the annual asset inventory required by all departments.
For example, when you scan a document at your multifunctional device copier and then attach that message to another message with approval to pay, you have just sent an attachment within an attachment.

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