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Sergio Aguero has been named the Barclays Premier League player of the month for January after scoring five goals and providing an assist for Manchester City, while Southampton’s Ronald Koeman won the manager of the month award for a third time. The Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe, Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino, Dele Alli of Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk and the Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel were all shortlisted for the award.
If disability income insurance is the protection you need, shop around and compare policy features before making a purchase. Unearned income you may receive includes private disability payments from an insurance policy or short-term and long-term disability coverage from your employer. Although it gets less attention than life insurance, experts agree that disability coverage is at least as important.
For a longer illness, lasting six months or more, your employer may provide group long-term disability income insurance.
Your employer or association-sponsored group disability insurance plan may not be all you think it is.
Aguero, last season’s top scorer, got the winning goal at Watford and also scored twice in both the 4-0 win over Crystal Palace and the 2-2 draw at West Ham United. Koeman, who has seen his Southampton team keep four clean sheets since the return of Fraser Forster in goal, defeated Watford, West Brom and Southampton, having started 2016 with defeat at Norwich City. You choose the length of your waiting period when you purchase your individual disability income insurance policy. The maximum normally allowed under a disability policy is 60-66% depending on the insurance carrier.

Nationally recognized attorneys representing medical, dental, business and legal professionals in disability insurance coverage disputes with carriers throughout the United States. Employee Benefits Disability benefits from your employer may include workers’ compensation insurance for work-related injuries.
However, be aware that benefits paid by group disability insurance policies paid for by an employer are usually taxable. During this process, the insurance company collects information about you and uses it to decide whether to issue you a disability policy.
Long-term disability insurance usually kicks in after short-term disability coverage ends – typically after six months. Lack of coverage could ruin your family’s lifestyle but disability insurance will ensure a continuous income stream. In either case, you should find out as much as you can about the group disability insurances provided by your employer. If your employer is among those who have overlooked disability insurance, you may want to suggest a reallocation of benefit dollars. Even if you have long-term disability insurance through your employer, you may want to consider an individual policy as well. They are not affected by payments from any other individual disability insurance policy you have purchased. Free disability insurance quotes to help consumers find insurance coverage with the lowest rates for disability insurance.

One coverage I don’t have is disability insurance that will cover my loss of income in case of accident or extended illness. Group disability insurance can be fully paid by your employer or may require an employee contribution.
Neither long-term care nor long-term disability insurance terminates once it pays a benefit unless the maximum benefits of either policy are exhausted.
Business Overhead Expense (BOE) insurance is a disability policy that reimburses the practice for specific overhead expenses if a shareholder is disabled.
As with many other insurance plans, having disability insurance coverage usually makes more financial sense than not having it. When you purchase disability insurance through your employer, you may be able to have premiums deducted from your pay on a pretax basis. Plus, one overwhelming advantage of personally owned disability insurance is that it cannot be reduced or terminated if you leave your current employer.
While on a disability-related leave, you may continue your insurance coverage by paying premiums directly to the Lab’s Payroll Office.

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