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Browse landing page designs for business, marketing, and product selling, to capture leads and increase sales from our 1200+ converting landing page designs of all top most categories. Get a clean, creative and converting custom landing page design for your business marketing campaign to promote your business effectively.
This interactive one day workshop provides the techniques and confidence needed to communicate effectively with prospective new clients. About usMarlborough shares knowledge and best practise across a range of sectors within the UK and abroad.
Broker AcademyMarlborough is proud to be working with the CII, BIBA and AXA as part of the Broker Academy.
To Magazine Home PageTongue Weight DIYBy Dan ArmitageEvery trailer owner needs to know the weight of the trailer tongue on the hitch.Too little tongue weight leads to swaying and fish-tailing at highway speeds.
Recommended ArticlesBatteries: Keep On ChargingIt's that little box that keeps the whole show running. The newest researches show that too many business owners seem to ignore the importance of the corporate style for their business. First of all, the owner of the business needs to make it clear for himself or for herself whether the logo and the design of the web page suit all the requirements and, what’s more, likings. In case some of the mentioned aspects call for doubts when applied to a certain logo or website, their owner should consider turning to specialists that are able to create a custom logo & web design.
Our high quality professional custom landing page design will convert your business successfully.
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This reflects our commitment to the general insurance market as insurance professionals ourselves. They suppose that this is the last thing they should pay attention to, working over their business goals. Quite often, when the logo and the design were elaborated in haste or without the necessary attention, they cannot not suit the goals and the essence of the business much. There are numerous companies of this type, but it is better to choose those, whose prices are not high and not low. We maintain a constant dialogue with brokers so please be part of this discussion by contacting us.
Too complicated logos can be not very good for printing them on souvenir trifles such as mugs, t-shirts, hats and so on. Besides that, it is necessary to find out the number of possible variants of changes that can be offered.
Here are two methods to finding the tongue weight of your trailer.Truck Scale a€” The Easy OptionA  You'll know pretty quickly if your tongue weight isn't correct. It is necessary to think over the stated below theses in order to find out, whether the company needs to turn to an agency that is able to provide the custom logo & web design for the company’s web resource. See Tips for Towing a Trailer for more information.Most commercial truck scales will weigh trailered boats for a small fee.
The theses listed below have been created for those who have got the logos, but it is possible to use them even for the beginners who are only thinking of having a business.
And finally, the boss should remember that logos will look better if they are not complicated and possibly have no more than two or three colours: this is better for black-and-white fax prints.

Pull the truck onto the scale, leaving the trailer hooked up to it, but having the wheels of the trailer off the scale. At the very stage of creation of the web resource, it is necessary to foresee the possibility to reconstruct it as much as the type of the frame allows. Then drive off the scale, disconnect the trailer, and drive the truck back on the scale again and weigh it only; let's say the truck weighs 4,200 lbs. Besides that, a website should be comfortable for people that use it, give them the necessary information and seem hospitable and cozy. If a truck scale isn't readily available, tongue weight can still be figured out in the driveway.The At Home OptionMost bathroom scales max out at 300 pounds, so when measuring the tongue weight of tandem-axle trailers that weigh more than 3,000 or so pounds, you risk wrecking your scale. To protect your scale, you need to set up a beam to spread the weight between a nice hard brick or concrete paver, and your scale.
In order to accurately measure the tongue weight, you'll want to set your beam up in a simple ratio of 3-to-1, or 4-to-1 if it's a heavy trailer. The goal is to get the tongue to rest level as it would on the trailer hitch.Measure three feet over from the first mark, and center the other piece of pipe crosswise under the beam at this point. In fact, three times as much weight is on the brick, compared to the scale, so to get an accurate reading, simply multiply what the scale says by four.

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