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Create a free Company Profile viewable by Job Seekers when they search our list of companies. Insurance and risk management programs teach students to accurately assess risk factors for insurance and finance purposes. Insurance underwriters use sophisticated computer programs and strong quantitative reasoning skills to analyze major risk factors of individuals and organizations applying for insurance of all kinds; for example, a life insurance underwriter considers health risks like obesity and smoking and determines if a policy should be offered, and at what cost. Loan officers work in commercial banks and credit organizations, and review loan requests from both private and corporate borrowers. Like insurance underwriters, corporate and financial risk managers analyze data for potential risks, and complete cost-benefit analysis.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 102,900 insurance underwriters in 2008. Corporate insurance and risk managers are a large part of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Financial Managers group. According to the BLS, insurance underwriters made median annual wages of $56,790 in 2008.
According to the BLS, financial managers, including corporate insurance and risk managers, made a median of $99,330 yearly in 2008. An advanced degree in important for those who wish to obtain a position or advance in the insurance and risk management field. Experience is also a key factor in obtaining a position within the insurance and risk management field. The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute or the CFA offers professional certification to professionals who have earned a bachelor's degree, at minimum, relevant work experience, and passing scores on three separate exams. The Association for Financial Professionals offers a Certified Treasury Professional credential to those applicants who have at least two years of relevant work experience and pass a computer-generated exam. Those employees especially interested in business accounting procedures have the possibility of earning the Certified Management Accountant certification offered by the Institute of Management Accountants to those applicants with a bachelor's degree, relevant (at least two years) work experience, pass a four-part examination, and meet continuing education requirements. None of these certifications are necessarily required in order to secure employment, but they effectively demonstrate experience and specialized knowledge. According to the Occupational Information Network, 53% of insurance underwriters aged 25 to 44 have completed a bachelor's degree or higher.
According to the Occupational Information Network, only 13% of working financial managers, including corporate insurance and risk managers have no formal education beyond a high school diploma.
There are a variety of different courses in the insurance and risk management realm offered online. The best of these programs will provide a rigorous education comparable to the insurance and risk (or general) management programs offered at a local school or college, but in a more flexible format better suited to working students.
As with any serious educational decision, do your research when picking an online insurance or risk management program: is the school accredited?
Advanced knowledge of insurance policies, tax laws, and compliance procedures is vital for success in the insurance and risk management field. Furthermore, insurance and risk managers must possess impeccable organizational and analytical skills in order to effectively systemize, analyze and explain financial data.

BIBA is the UK ‘s leading general insurance organisation representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries and their customers. Insider Publishing Ltd is an independent financial publisher with offices in the City of London (headquarters) and New York. The Insurance Charities gives vital financial and practical support to past and present employees of the insurance industry, and their dependent relatives, who are suffering financial hardship. AIRMIC is a members’ association for those persons responsible for the purchasing of corporate insurance or the management of risk within their organisations. Match the ChannelThat’s not to suggest that you can’t use a bit of variety in your content’s tone. They often qualify graduates for positions as insurance underwriters, loan officers, or corporate and financial risk analysts and managers.
Other insurance underwriters like health and property underwriters evaluate other risk variables.
They determine the risk level and the loans to be offered, and determine specifics like principal amount and interest rates.
These risk managers analyze and minimize risks to corporate solvency in the company's finances, investments, and operations. Job opportunities are strong across the board, but there is tough competition for available positions. The occupation is expected to add 33,000 jobs over 10 years, for a 2018 total of 360,900 positions. The middle 50% of the field made between $43,490 and $76,700, while the bottom 10% made less than $35,010 and the top 10% made more than $99,940.
The middle 50% of the field made between $39,710 and $76,860, while the bottom 10% made less than $30,850 and the top 10% made more than $106,360. The middle 50% of the field made between $72,030 and $135,070, while the bottom 10% made less than $53,860 and the top 10% made more than $135,070. In fact, a bachelor's degree in business administration, management, or finance is typically the minimum requirement for entry-level positions. Only 16% have no education beyond high school, and the remaining 32% have some college, including diplomas and associate's degrees in insurance and risk management. 27% have some college education (a post-secondary diploma or associate's degree) while 60% hold a college degree (a bachelor's degree) or higher. Pursuing a bachelor's degree can make the difference when seeking employment, a master's degree will further qualify you for advanced positions in the insurance and risk management field.
Because this is such a highly-educated field, most of the online programs offer bachelor's or master's level degree programs. Online insurance and risk management degree programs are especially suited for those students who have secured a position in the field but would like to present the advanced credentials needed in order to progress while working and obtaining the experience necessary to qualify for enhanced positions. They must be able to effectively and efficiently analyze data in order to predict specific risks to a business. Insurance brokers and intermediaries distribute nearly two-thirds of all UK general insurance. The organisation’s oldest title, The Insurance Insider, has been published since December 1996. Its aim is to perpetuate the strength of the benefits associated with the “produced by insurance people, for insurance people” culture, with its heavily weighted ‘people’ orientation.
As such we cannot be held responsible for the views expressed here or any actions taken as a consequence. You should be active across a number of social networks as well as blogging and email marketing.

We'll also email a link to your job posting to thousands of job seekers via our email alerts!
Many require a good deal of practical experience as well as advanced post-secondary degrees.
That's a 10% growth rate, about as high as the average growth for all occupations and slightly higher than the 8.2% expected expansion of the entire civilian economy. Because of the over-saturation of bachelor's degrees, many employers are now looking for employees with a master's and doctoral degrees. In addition, employees have the option to pursue a variety of different certification programs. At the heart of all the company’s products is a commitment to supply readers with genuine insight and intelligence on their industry. Each of these channels has it’s own unique style; you need to make sure you apply your voice and branding to that style.
For example, a blog post is much less formal than a whitepaper, but you can be even more informal in Twitter.
It also helps to build a community of subscribers and gives you content you can share through social media channels.
On top of all that, blogs provide your website with SEO benefits, so your website is found more often. In short, if you’re not blogging, start.Don’t ScaremongerA common trap many insurance agents fall into when creating marketing or selling their products is scaremongering. Your insurance marketing should reflect that.Don’t Hold BackAnother common instinct in insurance marketing is to give little detail in blog posts and whitepapers.
LinkedIn offers the opportunity to meet peers and potential prospects and build valuable connections through group discussions and content sharing.
If you have channels that take up your time but don’t fit with your agency message or don’t generate sales you should consider dropping them.Analyze EverythingThe most important point on this list is to analyze and evaluate everything. Most business owners understand that they need insurance and that they need to go to an agent to get it.
In order to market effectively online, there are 10 simple rules you should follow.                  Create a Consistent BrandYou’ve done your branding. So why do you use three different versions of those colors and logo between your website, social media and whitepapers? In order to create effective online insurance marketing you need to ensure that everything is consistent across all platforms and marketing channels.Don’t Ignore Social MediaAnother common gap in agencies’ online marketing is a lack of social media activity.
It’s not that insurance people and agencies don’t have accounts, they just don’t use them very often. The simple fact is if we’re advising agents to use these channels, other marketers for other industries are offering the same advice. Every piece of content you create should have a consistent voice, when a prospect reads a blog or tweet and then visits your website it needs to feel like they’re dealing with the same people. Too often website content is written by one person, the blogging is shared and social media is done by whoever has the time.

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