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November 28, 2015 By Kevin Knauss Leave a Comment Covered California Medi-Cal enrollment changes for pregnant women and former foster youth.
Covered California has updated their online application for 2016 open enrollment to automatically determine the eligibility of former foster youth and pregnancy coverage for Medi-Cal programs. Changes to the Covered California enrollment portal were reviewed in a November 24th Open Enrollment information webinar. Former foster youth (FFY) are eligible for full-scope no-cost Medi-Cal benefits under certain requirements. Alternatively, FFY can apply directly through their county Medi-Cal office using the MC250A streamlined application. Pregnant women have several options for either sole Medi-Cal coverage of additional health insurance coverage through Medi-Cal.
Medi-Cal pregnancy coverage overlap with Covered California premium tax credit assistance income levels. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hidden History Beneath Folsom Lake by Kevin Knauss documents historical gold rush era sites when Folsom Lake hit record low levels during the 2015 drought. October 30, 2012 By deeksha Leave a Comment Is some rebate offered on first year life insurance premium? Let`s understand various reasons why an agent will be ready to pay first, second or any month premium on behalf of policyholder. Yes that`s correct it`s commission only which causes an investor to ask for waiver from an agent and it’s the commission only because of which an agent readily agrees for rebate against life insurance premium payment.
As per insurance act, no agent is allowed to refund their commission in part or as a whole to their customers. Under money back policies return of paid premiums happen at the end of selected term period like 10 years, 15 years etc depending on the contract. It`s clear from the above example that total amount earned from this policy by an insurance agent is Rs.18750.
We can conclude from above that an insurance agent can readily payback first month premium on behalf of his client due to commission earned by him.
You can easily see endowment plans help insurance agents earn hefty 35% in some cases out of the life insurance premium payments which you make in the first year.
Recent studies suggest that Medicaid expansion will result in health and financial gains.  Older studies also found salutary health effects of expanded or improved insurance coverage, particularly for lower income adults. The Supreme Court ruled in June 2012 that states may opt out of Medicaid expansion, and as of November 2013, 25 states have done so.
In this post, we estimate the number and demographic characteristics of people likely to remain uninsured as a result of states’ opting out of Medicaid expansion. Watery Tales: Amazing Health Benefits of Water!By Priyanka ParabWhat is water, but two parts hydrogen and oxygen?
Drinking an adequate amount of water is known provide our bodies with amazing health benefits ranging from detoxification to prevention of pain in the joints! Since our body is 75% water, most of our cellular processes need water to function properly. What’s more, drinking water can also help one lose weight, gain a clear complexion, healthy hair and so on… The number of health benefits derived from drinking an adequate amount of water are countless! Our body is an excellent indicator of when it needs something and when it’s had enough, the body will let you know when you have had enough water and also when you need to drink water!

Drinking water, be it any form, whether mixed with another substance such as lime juice or sugar, or whether it is in a hot or cold form, is nevertheless beneficial to the body! Kidneys are organs which are primarily responsible for filtering the body’s toxic substances, out of the body by means of Urine. Drinking water is also known to help in having a clear bowel movement; where as lack of water in the body causes constipation!
Since water is a solvent, it helps flush out the toxins found in the body and the bloodstream.
Water makes up about 75% of our body, thus it is needed to regulate our body’s core temperature!
A regular and adequate intake of water in our bodies is essential to protect it from various heart diseases, as water helps maintain viscosity of blood and plasma within permissible levels, thereby allowing for proper blood flow to the heart. Daily adequate intake of water is important for preventing painful joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Your health advises are very informative keep it up.PLZ send me more information about health iwill greatly appreciate.
In previous online versions the applicant was directed to the respective program for more information and final eligibility determination. The discussion of the new Medi-Cal program enhancements within Covered California begins 47 minutes into the recording or on page 58 of the PDF file.
They can apply any time through Covered California and get a determination on their eligibility to receive FFY Medi-Cal even if they are in a mixed-status household. Both the Medi-Cal Pregnancy Coverage and the Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP) overlap with Covered California enrollment. This can useful for future discounts by showing proof of prior insurance or to show as proof of coverage upon request.Declaration pages are issued upon inception of policy and upon renewal of the policy which will be referred to as “renewal declarations page”. Today people are well aware of the high commissions earned by an insurance agent in the first year of policy inception as a result of which some of the investors actively demand for some sort of rebate from an agent.
It is not allowed as per the act to safeguard the interests of policy holders as they should not be lured by agents to purchase a policy. Thus an agent can easily pay first, second and third month premium from this commission amount without having any loss. But this kind of practice is not allowed by the regulatory body, hence any agent offering this kind of waiver should not be encouraged as it is not the correct practise.
These opt-out decisions will leave millions uninsured who would have otherwise been covered by Medicaid, but the health and financial impacts have not been quantified. Applying these figures to estimates of the effects of insurance expansion from prior studies, we calculate the likely health and financial impacts of states’ opt-out decisions. Now let’s take a look around us, how many times have you ignored that bottle of water which sits quietly on your desk?
Now-a-days, the water you consume should be adequate if not proportional to your size, weight and height.
Water is needed by the Kidneys to perform this filtering, as water is a solvent and helps in transporting and chemically breaking down the substances found within the body and the blood stream!
With fewer toxic substances present in the body, its health quotient is considerably upped. Water in such cases is needed to act as a lubricant to prevent the rubbing of the joints against each other which can lead to wear and tear of the joint in question! HOW MANY WAYS OR ON WHICH WAY WHILE DRINKING WATER GOING TO HELP THE WOMEN BEING TODAY I FEEL HAPPY TO THIS MATTER.

In many situations the new Covered California enrollment website will help place the individual directly into the program they are eligible for.
Medi-Cal Pregnancy coverage will provide additional cost-sharing benefits for household incomes up to 213% of federal poverty line (FPL) while MCAP is available for households up to 322% of the FPL. This might sound something very unusual for some of us while it may be a usual practice for many of us.
Another disadvantage with rebating is that it is unfair for other agents who are in same business. Payback of premiums by an agent is from his own pocket to satisfy his own motives whereas money back policy is totally different from this.
That`s the reason why agents agree for paying first few months premiums as the commission amount earned is huge and moreover offering some rebate in terms of premium payment acts as on add on features for selling the policies. Also investors should not ask for any waiver from an agent as it`s taken for insurable interest of our family and not for interest of agent. Most recently, the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment (OHIE) found a striking increase in emergency department use as well as other outpatient care. Yet, it’s nothing short of a wonder as to how a substance so simple, is needed by our body for its very survival!
Water helps our body to detoxify itself of any toxic substances and also prevents their build up in the body; it helps our body to maintain its pH balance and its core temperature, thereby protecting us from a horde of diseases that can take over our body due to the absence of water! Eight glasses of water is not enough in hot and humid places like India, as the body loses weight to sweat and inadequate consumption of water can cause dehydration to set in!
An increase or decrease in the body’s pH balance lets the micro-organisms in the blood multiply, divide, change shape and form; weakening our immune system which threatens our overall health levels as it exposes us to many diseases! A lack of water in the body for a prolonged period of time leads to accumulation of salts and other such minerals within the kidney which leads to kidney stones! A high rate of metabolism helps you burn your calories faster, thereby helping you lose or maintain your body weight! A clear complexion along with healthy hair is just one of the main indicators of a person’s good health amongst many others!
Similarly in cold conditions where insulated clothing makes you sweat or indoor heating deprives your body of moisture, either ways your body’s fluid intake will increase. While signing the insurance contract many investors ask for some rebate from the insurance agent. But would have ignored it, if we told you that most of the degenerative diseases that occur in our bodies as we age are caused due to the lack of water in our bodies! Water is essentially a carrier of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to the various parts of the body, which then go about the process of systematically breaking down the proteins, vitamins etc, water is also needed to filter out the toxic and extra substances not needed by the body!
Therefore in both hot and cold conditions, your body needs water to regulate its core temperature as a shift in this temperature sees the onset of cold and fever.
The answer is ” yes” an agent usually agrees for this rebate by paying first month or first 2 months premiums from his pocket or for that matter he might agree to pay first year premium.

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